Why use the second archive for servants?

I get why the Second Archive exists for CEs. There are hundreds of them and people tend to have multiple copies of the same one (hello 2030). What I DONT understand is why someone would use the second archive for servants. Most masters can only find a use for a single copy of a servant in a team, and with that in mind it’s highly unlikely that any one person (outside of whales with very big wallets) will ever have every single servant in game. Even then, there are more second archive slots than there are servants. Copies usually aren’t an issue, also, because they usually go into one of two one-time uses; buffing a servant’s NP or burning for Mana or rare prisms. I maybe overstepping here, but putting a servant in the second archive seems like a waste of time and resources.

Umm…But second archive for servants is not a waste of resources, though?

For one, if you keep all the servants “in your hand” in a manner of speaking, it just clutters the character select screen for the party.
Then there may be servants you don’t want to ever use, but also don’t want to burn them. In the archive they go.
Also, the xp embers share the servants spots in your inventory. So if you’re saving xp cards for some upcoming character, archive or inventory are a place to keep them.


Speaking personally here, but I’ve got around 120+ servants, and clutter isn’t usually an issue with me; for servants who I usually use (or am interested in) I already have their levels in mind so it’s very easy to find them. If not that, there are filters and categories to go by for easier tracking. As for servants you don’t ever want to use, you could just leave them in the main archive and ignore them. They’ll just sit at the bottom of your lists. It’s even more time efficient (albeit slimly) due to you not having to go through several menus just to put away a single servant. As for embers, like I said personally, I’ve got quite a few. Never had that issue, even when I had over 150+ (which is usually enough to put most servants in a workable level). It’s nearly impossible to fill up your roster limit.

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250 exp card


Well, guess you got me there.

Exp cards, Fou from FP gacha (I prefer to wait until I get +50 of any Fou cards before using them), extra gold Fou because I don’t know who to use them on.
And I’d actually love it if second archive was two times bigger because all my servants are leveled, and I have too many exp cards. It hurts my heart to burn them but what can I do when everything is filled to the brim with them, and gacha doesn’t give any new servants to spend them on -_-


By that point I’d use a few of them on servants who I haven’t leveled up to that point/used, then take them out on a test drive on some farming quests. That’s how I got a lot of my favorite budget servants.

When you’ve ascended them all, as some players have, all you can do is hold on to some embers for upcoming Servants or grail targets and burn the rest.

Even if you haven’t ascended all of your Servants, mat gates need to be considered. Those XP cards go a long ways on low-level and lower rarity Servants, but blowing mats “just because” can mean not having them when you really want to ascend someone else and/or upgrade their skills.


That’s a very fair point.

I use it for exp cards to max lvl new servants right away and plan to start store 4 * Fous there for Kama when she comes out in March of next year.

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That’s a fate worse than death in that case. I wouldn’t even do that to Caster Gilles.

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Also: for servants you want to use for meme runs.

Lv 1 CasGil/Sherlock/Riderin/Leonidas/Georgios/Medea/etc

No chance of you accidentally getting leveled or unlocked if you’re in the 2nd archive, after all.


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He spook you a lot?

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Good to still have someone to use them on. I’ve even leveled CasGilles and Phantom :'D Now I’m leveling my imaginary servants by burning my very real exp cards.

I put any servants I have no intention of using or enhancing in the foreseeable future in the second archive, just to make my screen less cluttered. Basically, any NP5 FP servant I don’t use is in there (and that’s most of them, since I have a good mix of gold servants, now).

Servants I feel are “ready for prime time” (max level, max Fou’ed, at least 4/4/4 skills) are selected, leaving my in-progress servants hanging out at the bottom of the list.

I just like a clean workspace. I also don’t have many icons on my desktop, and I have multiple levels of nested menus on my phone UI, as well. Just a personal preference.

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Sometimes I put servants in archive so I wouldn’t be tempted to use material ascending them that was needed for a more desirable servant’s skills. I’ve since max ascended everyone (except for hektor, phantom and Darius b/c no rank up quests to unlock and they eat too many bones and feathers) but prefer leaving many of them that I don’t like using in archive so I can scroll to useful servants faster. Setsubun is probably the longest time my archive has been servant free. Besides, archive is stuffed to the brim with embers waiting for someone new. But good chance I won’t have anyone new until seig kun arrives in late April.


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