Why would you do this to Alfonse

As someone known for their Alfonse(and using him to shred arena this week), this abomination I found in Arena feels like an insult to me personally

It literally looks like they hit random on every move and this is what got spat out


Honestly, it’s a good cheap build. Most people don’t want to spend much on them since they can’t get merged or anything.

I would’ve done a def refine tho


Death blow on him? Swordbreaker?! Just feed him an Ares and either wrath or(if you’re gonna be that stingy) vantage. He doesn’t need swordbreaker when he takes 0x2 or doesn’t get hit

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Also, they already had to feed him 3 units for this mess. Bonfire, brazen, and vantage are all 4* skills as well. The difference is they would’ve worked a lot better than moonbow, swordbreaker, and spur atk/res

Wrath may be in the grail pool, but it’s still expensive. He also comes with death blow. Whoever built this just didn’t want to make an expensive build

Again-even without wrath- his actually good build is already extremely cheap. He’s the cheapest of the 3 by far and if you’re trying to use him in arena at least make him work. My alf chewed through him in a second swordbreaker be danged

No. It’s 4 star on Libra.

They probably only use him cause of the fact that he’s a bonus unit. They probably never touch him otherwise

I feel called out because I ran a very similar set to this until very recently (I run a Def refine and Bonfire at least, though, lol). Heck, I still have Swordbreaker on him and it came in handy several times when I used him in Arena this week.

I was merging my Ares so I had zero Brazen fodder to spare until just a few months ago. Perhaps this person is doing the same or is just extremely unlucky with red pulls (understandable considering how the red pool is).


I mean, I get that. I still dunno as I’d put swordbreaker on him, but that’s just because wrath has saved me too many times lol

Swordbreaker is good vs swords, I see no problem with that if you want to use Alfonse to just get that one mandatory kill in arena and then bench him again. The only potential problem that I see is that swordbreaker and death blow are both 200 SP skills (similar can be said about smite and moonbow) and the player in question might be potentially robbing themself of a couple arena points.

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This is a good AA check, I don’t see what the problem is.


Seems like a solid build that allows Alfonse to attack and kill sword and axe units

If you use TA, swordbreaker is an excellent combo with it.


It’s simple but effective, nothing wrong with it at all. :ferdbirb:

No THIS is a good AA check

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Ah yes, the common Wrath skill that can’t double sword units


There’s no REASON to use TA. It’s an extremely inferior build and he’ll actually do WORSE against those same units he’s supposed to fight

People who don’t understand the build and have clearly never used it to know how it functions:


1st off, wrath is a f2p skill. 2nd, wrath wasn’t as much the focus there as bonfire, brazen, the def refine, and atk smoke. And 3rd, he doesn’t need to double anything that gets ohko’d

Yes. Less atk, def, and special damage on BOTH phases makes an inferior build. I will stand by that

People don’t have infinite Astrams lying around to give everyone Wrath

Moonbow can proc in a single round, Bonfire cannot

TA is used to one shot green dragons he’d struggle with otherwise