Wich AOE lancer should Ievel?

Hello, fighting in Camelot I realised that my Lancers where underleveled. Currently I have these lancers:

*Lartoria lvl 60 NP1
*Fionn lvl 1
*Elisabeth lvl 60 NP4
*Cú lvl 40 and Diarmuid lvl 30

Is worth leveling Lartoria? Because Elisabeth NP4 deals more damage than Lartoria NP, but I don’t know if besides of that fact there is other factor where Lartoria beats Elisabeth. And, should I consider Fionn? Or I just leave him in the trash can where he is atm.

In november we will get a free SR ticket, so I could pick Lalter here, but I don’t know if it’s worth considering that I have 3 AOE Lancers.

Maybe I should roll for a ST Lancer this year, any recommendations?

Given that Elisabeth is lvl 60 already and is NP4, I’d finish her before anyone else. She’ll be of better use compared to Altria specially if you run female units with her. Plus she’ll be getting an NP Upgrade real soon which will help her out. She also has battle continuation in case you need an extra turn.

I’d level Laltria second, she’s still an SSR, but she lacks the support Elisabeth can give, and is NP1. She’ll be great for wave of enemies but even then she’s still better at farming.

Fionn… I wouldn’t recommend leveling him up yet, but if you have no real issue with him or don’t need rare prisms, you should leave him for last, since he’ll get some nice upgrades and if you have Paracelsus leveled up, he will help him big time. He still remains pretty niche with his uses though and requires a lot of investment.

Cú and Diarmuid are both ST, and you’re better of with any Cu Chulainn since they’re better survivalist and are more consistent, specially Proto Cu if you give him stars.

For others AOE options in the lower rarities, Hektor is a decent unit for clearing a wave, and Romulus has a decent kit and can hit like a truck if his Imperial Privilege lands.

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Fionn can wait until his strengthenings.

Lalter is better for crits, though you’ll need to level her second skill for that, so I’d say finish leveling Liz first. Cu Chulainn is another great one to level up since he’s so good at surviving, though that takes skill levels as well.

(Edit): Disregard the Lalter part, it seems I misread that. Lancer Artoria can fire off her NP quick if you level her third skill and she has 5 star stats, so she’s pretty good. Liz has better team support and survival while also having a defense lowering skill, while Lancer Artoria charges quicker, can remove her own debuffs and her NP ignores invincibility, so if the enemy has evades or invincible skills she can break through. Level both and use whoever will help you with that battle most based on what they have in their kit.

I got pretty confused too, I’ve heard of Lartoria as a nickname, but not Laltria. I thought OP meant Lalter too until he mentioned ticketing Lalter in November (don’t do it).

Lartoria will be better for quick farming setups just by sake of her massive battery. Elizabeth will certainly hit harder with her NP, but she’s generally more of a semi-support for female servants. That said, she’ll still do work in normal battles and is definitely worth leveling at your high NP levels.

Cu is a perfectly fine ST Lancer, I’ve grailed him a couple times myself. That said, if you really need a great ST Lancer, you can’t do any better than Lancer Raikou in the summer, who provides a ton of value as a 4* and is limited to boot. I’m tempted to roll for her myself.

But in terms of need, I wouldn’t say you strictly need any particular DPS, even for Camelot and beyond, since you can always pull whatever you need off of friends list.

I guess I’m gonna focus on Liz an Cú

Why? To be honest, I don’t know what servant should I pick, I think I have most (not all ) of the SR I like. Maybe I could get Ibaraki, or Astolfo for the memes.

Yep, my mistake.

Yes, but I’m struggling with bosses, thats why I’m looking for ST lancers. If I pick a friends DPS, I don’t have a very good support for them, and if I pick a friends Support, I don’t have a lot of DPS.

You have Liz, a great DPS waifu support and surely Mash and Hans for def.

You don´t really need a lot more than that in terms of support to do just fine.

Worst case, you can always solo your way through the story, EoR included.

Lartoria is totally worth leveling—for farming. Not harder content. She’s great for clearing trash nodes with that battery and her high steroids. Really needs skills leveled to perform, unfortunately.

For Camelot—Liz is good. Do you have Jailter from the Xmas 2 rerun? Fionn gets a lot of hate but he’s very useful on JP right now as an NP looping Lancer.

But the best AoE lancers are Karna, Lartoria/Eresh (NP2 ideally), Parvati/Valkyrie (again, NP2 ideally), and Romulus.

I’d recommend against Lalter, not because she isn’t good (she is), but because you have so many AOE Lancers already. Plus I think most people would agree that if you’re going to ticket an AOE Lancer, Parvati is the one to aim for, just because of her powerful synergy with the upcoming Quick support Skadi.

For budget supports, people already mentioned Mash and Hans as fine picks – maxing out Mash as soon as you can is highly recommended. You can also solo with a friend DPS, as mentioned before, or anchor with a friend’s bond 10 Hercules (Castle of Snow CE), or run taunt lines with Mash, Leonidas, and Georgios (what I did to rush through on two of my accounts). I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention David too – level him up so you can unlock his second skill, Harp of Healing, which provides a party-wide evade. This is typically combined with the Chaldea Combat Uniform (aka plugsuit) to swap him in for an on-demand block of nasty AOE Noble Phantasms.

With the current state of the game in NA, Fionn is essentially a Rare Prism. Don’t worry about investing in him right now, it won’t help you.

As everyone else has been saying, currently Liz is going to give you the best returns for your investment. A 4 star at NP4 or 5 can frequently trump a 5 star alternative at NP1. A 5 star at NP2 would be a different matter. (The jump from NP1 to NP2 for 5 stars is rather large, tbh.)

Smart option ,is almoust there

They are ST Lancer :fgo_circereally:

The meme option,i support this one, Fionn is fun to use