Wild Mesprit!

Found this pretty little thing right as I was headed to work today :slight_smile:

Too bad its IVs are horrible (24% w/ 0 attack) and it’s not very good in PvP.


Congrats over there! I have yet to find a wild Uxie though…:P

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I’d love to know the spawn rates on these things… like 0.0000000001%? lol

Ridiculously low coupled with only appearing in specific biomes. When they first started showing up in the wild before their raid announcement we had one spawn in my city at like 1am. I haven’t seen one reported in my area since.

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That’s some luck right there! I think Unown is more common than finding Mesprit. It’s a good trophy though, congrats!

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I live right in front of a small body of water? Lol, I wonder if that helped.