Will Adventrue Week related Research Tasks expire at event end or stay for 24 hours?

Quick question will the Adventure Week research tasks / rewards switch to standard June tasks when the event ends or do they stay in place for 24 hours until the next midnight change? Here in Thailand Adventure week ends at 3AM but I assume that the tasks which were allocated at midnight stay there for 24 hours and there is no immediate change to NON-EVENT Tasks. Any thoughts? Community Day research of course changes immediately when the event ends, but not weekly events like this???, My practical reason for asking is that I want to go find the last batch of Spin 25 / Cranidos tasks and prefer to do this in the morning and afternoon rather than walk about at 12-3AM. Thanks!!!

They will forcefully change when the event ends.

In your case, they will change at midnight to Adventure Week pool of tasks, then again at 3am to regular pool of tasks.

Yeah, when the Adventure Week is slated to end, the tasks instantly switch. We had a more convenient switch time of 4 PM to get those last second Craniados tasks picked up before they went away.