Will Fe4 replacement characters ever be in feh?

we’re 3 years into feh and not a single 2nd gen replacement character from genealogy of the holy war is in the roster, which makes me wonder if they’ll even be added at all.

if so, would they be OP because of intsys’s habit of power creeping or would we get a banner full of fodders + demotes? i would love to invest in a laylea…


But to be honest I don’t know. Most people always pair with there units so some people may not even know about them. All I know is that there is one named Daisy.

Most likely not for a long while, Genealogy has always been left behind a bit because of the game basically being unknown outside of the more dedicated fans. Most people don’t even know Genealogy exists (like a lot of the Japan-exclusive games) :thinking:


still no seasonal alt from fe4. (unless you count fallen julia) i always thought thracia is the more obscure fe game until reinhardt happened.

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We’ll get more Genealogy units if/when we get a remake. I’m sure that a remake would give more relevance and a new design to the substitutes, making them more unique. Some of them, like Laylea for example, already have a modern design thanks to Cipher so I’m sure she has chances to be added in FEH

But I don’t think the fanbase cares about most of the substitutes, especially because after 3 years we still don’t have some important Genealogy characters. I’d prefer to see someone like Lex and Tine rather a substitute character


Yeah! Give us more fe4 gen 1 and 2 main chara before substitutes!
I’m waiting for my god damn Lex!

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It’s weird because I’ve never used any of them despite having played genealogy years ago (fairly recent as well),so I haven’t even given this thought,but it would only be fair that they get in.I’m still waiting for Ulster to get in.

fingers crossed that he doesn’t get the haar treatment.

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When I see Finn who got shafted even if the “brave lance” is his canon weapon in thracia and GotHW… I fear Lex will got the same treatment : no prf, bad statline and most likely 4* focus/Grail unit.
It’ll be easier to merges him but the lack of prf brave axe will hurt…