Will Gamepress update the attacker tier list again?

Opinions on Terrakion are so extremely variable it’s a pain figure his real utility. I don’t know if the list will be left dying and will end like the community day register unupdated since September. Just here have passed 3 weeks.

I mean, we have all the info we need to make a placement but the list nor the Terrakion’s page shows his PvE utility. And honestly, just “better than Tyranitar” leaves me in a vacuum.

Will this list get ever updated?

Its last update was less than a month ago, so I would cut GamePress some slack.

I think Terrakion belongs in Tier 2, as Rock is among the most useful types for legendary raids. Tier 2.5 would also be reasonable, but Mamoswine deserves a promotion to Tier 1.5.


Keep in mind Terrakion not a major improvement over Smacktar vs. two of Niantic’s flying favorites Ho-Oh and Lugia. Aerodactyl gets in the same neighborhood vs Ho-Oh.

There is an app that tells you tasks, raids and events. Riads it will tell you 6 pokemon to use. I use the app daily. Also can help with Team Rocket

Well if simple advise doesn’t satisfy you and gamepress attacker tier list isn’t updated as regularly as you need (and IMHO isn’t very accurate anyway) then it seems you may want start doing some research of your own.

I suggest you to open pokebattler’s webpage and start doing some simulations.
Go to raids (raid counters), pick some raid that you may use your Terrakion against and setup some general parameters like pokemon levels, friendship level, weather and then choose raid movesets and see for yourself how would Terrakion perform.
If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can even go further and see how your Terrakion would perform throughout the simulation (how much damage it does with each fast and charge attack and how much damage it receives, and hence how much time does it endure and how much damage it does before going down)
If that doesn’t satisfy you, you could also create a free account and start adding your pokemon, editing levels, movesets and IV’s, and creating your own battle party and simulating how it would do against the raid of choice.

If you need help with anything you can ask me, good luck.


This is good advice for very detailed scenarios. If you need something less detailed, easier to use but a bit more theoretical than practical, you may use Gamepress’ DPS/TDO rankings page: https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/comprehensive-dps-spreadsheet

Enter the name of the target pokémon and see the best results. Sortable.

With Lucario gaining Aura Sphere and thus overtaking Machamp, expect the Attackers Tier List to be updated soon.

I don’t really expect it. Gamepress has stopped updating some lists before amd after that time, people probably looks up more the DPS & TDO spreadsheet to the point tier list won’t be managed anymore.

Additionally, they would have to edit every pokemon with new moves and maybe regive of legacy moves and seems like too much work for something a spreadsheet partially does.

I noticed the flavor of the month section got updated but I don’t know why so soon and with Terrakion who has thousand weaknesses didn’t. I don’t care why though, as I plan to raise none of that shadowed pokemon. I don’t know if this means they plan to update it soon or not with all the new moves stuff…

Looks like there was a partial update.

Lucario was added to Tier 1 with no explanation.
Terrakion was added to Tier 2.5 with no explanation.
Hydreigon was added to Tier 3.5 with an explanation.
Machamp was demoted to Tier 2 but its explanation was not changed.

I noticed it! Also Rhyperior and Entei were upgraded from tier 4 to 3.5 and Tangrowth added to 4. No explanations about how the Earthquake and the other fast Ground attack affect Groudon and Excadrill, they remain the same.

My guess is explanations to at least some of the partial updates to the tier list come from here: https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/december-2019-raid-and-gym-battle-update

They probably just haven’t imported in some of the explanations from that article.

Sorry all for the delay. Holidays, work, other projects, waning interest in GO, etc.

Tier list is fully updated. Lucario going into T1 bumped Machamp down to T2. Terrakion fits into T2.5, Tangrowth shows up in T4 again with Power Whip, Heatran debuts in T4 with Flamethrower, Rhyperior and Entei were promoted due to the Mud Slap, EQ, and Fire Fang buffs, and various suggested sets were fixed or un-legacied. Enjoy.


Great work, as usual. Thanks! Just a quick question:

This seems a little harsh. Why not T1.5 for Machamp?

There is a huge gap between Lucario and Machamp, actually. Obviously way more than the gap between Rayquaza and Salamence. Aura Sphere is busted.

Sadly true. I saw it from the perspective that Machamp is far more useful than most others in its tier due to the meta-relevance of the Fighting type.

Two other questions:

  1. With Heatran as the new Tier 5 boss, when will the Flavour of the Month be updated? Candidates include Golurk, Rhydon, Golem, Donphan and Flygon.
  2. You previously indicated that you would relook the placement of Mamoswine. In this update, did you overlook it or decide that it should not be promoted?