Will grailing Okita also make her noticeably stronger?

I KNOW THE GOLDEN RULE, Grail who you love and not for Gameplay. Here’s the Thing: I got Okita with my first Paid-quarz roll ever, I am DEFINITELY grailing Coughing-chan to 100 wether it is a good idea or not.

Still, I know that she has a reverse S growth-curve Right? Does that mean that she’ll actually get quite a good bit stronger as well when she gets to Level 100 or is the growth rather unnoticeable even if she has that reverse S thing-a-magigs.

Thanks in Advance! :3

Grail growth is linear regardless of the character’s personal growth curve.

It amounts to the same change as using 20 three star fous. If you can notice a difference when the character is fou’d versus un-fou’d then you will notice the difference via grailing.

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Oh didn’t know that.
Alrighty, thank you very much! ^^

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If you grail her from 90 to 100 it will raise her attack by ~1.2k. There are graphs on each servant profile on the GP website so you can just check her out.