Will Grimnir be available for summoning or will I be screwed of my new fav?! Halp!

I need to know if yet again (Baby loiuse) another favorite will not be available on the next banner… I assume no1 really knows but regardless I though he and the rose queen deserve a discussion.

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I believe he will be. There’s another summoning showcase that features Vania after the gala dragalia, which is most likely when he will be available :catlie:

Stuff I found online

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Thank you sooooo much your godsend!

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And it’s confirmed. He and the Rose Queen are rate-ups! Even better, it’s a Prize Showcase, so expect some good loot.

I got him, by the way. It took a few tenfolds. Also got my first Styx.


Congrats! Hope he serves you well in Kamuy’s Trial coming up

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I’m practically skipping Kamuy in protest.

The spiral it locks is for a 4* non-limited adventurer, which is outright ridiculous when the previous Trials locked spirals for Gala units. Can’t Nurse Aeleen get the spiral the old fashioned way?

Meanwhile, I got something good today from singles. :feh_flaynsmile:

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Fair enough, I’m probably gonna just do each one and then just do Standard for daily rewards. Mostly because the pool of adventurers is like 30% less than the usual fare for TotM

And nice, I got the same result with a Sunlight Stone instead of a Damascus Ingot.

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