Will I get L!Dimitri on my b-day?

Since some months ago there has been theories that Dimitri might be october’s legendary hero because apparently it will be a water legendary and the amount of time since Edelgard has been introduced seems about right. And with the curent month being 3Houses themed, the odds Seem just right (If it’s Not Rhea, god I hope it’s Not Rhea)

So, I just checked when the next legendary hero will arrive and: guess what, it’s on my birthday :feh_flaynsmile:

So, what are the odds of getting the Legendary version of my favourite Fire Emblem Charakter Dimitri on the exact date of my birthday :feh_flaynsmile:

I cant help but feel a bit hyped now even though it’s always best to Not expect anything.
But as you can imagine I Would really like this.

That’s all, just wanted to share this :feh_flaynsmile:

So do you think this is going to Happen?
Do you think it will actually be Dimitri?
Or rather Rhea? (please god, Not Rhea)
Or someone entirely different?

  • Dimitri, since it’s your birthday :feh_flaynsmile:
  • Rhea, since the New banner is church themed
  • Someone entirely different

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There’s no real way to know. People say it’s likely however.

Hope for your sake that it is though. Rhea seems more Mythic from what little I know


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Honestly there’s no way to know for sure, but because L-Chrom is the only confirmed blue for this month, the new legendary is almost guaranteed to be blue.

Also, the answer to to this is “no” if your birthday is the 29th. Remember the calendar has been adjusted for Daylight Saving Time ending in early November, so the banner will actually be hitting on the 30th. It’s just that the FEH calander uses Pacific Time, and when DST ends the reset time changes from 12 midnight to 11 PM, so the whole calendar gets moved back a day even though it’s only true for those living on the west coast.


See, I’m betting the long odds and saying it’ll be Green.

Look at the next few banners to get cycled in. Fallen alts, where we get Lyon and M!Corrin. Then after that was Awakening, where Mustafa was the green demote, and we got Apotheosis Anna. Then we got the Archanaea banner, where we got F!Kris, and no green unit. There are three openings on both blue and green over the next two months on Legendary/Mythic banners. There are three blue units yet to appear on them, but only one green. They already dipped into previous CYL reruns with Brave Micaiah last month, and I’m not sure they’ll go straight to CYL4 now either. So my guess is that this month will be a Green unit, or that next month will either give Triandra on the general banner and Freyja as the new Mythic to fill in both spots next month. Or they’ll just do Brave Edelgard next month anyway.

Also it can’t be Rhea. I have a lot of skill inheritance needs with Colorless this month, and I had a game plan, and if it’s Rhea that’s gonna throw everything off. So if they are going to go Blue, it’s going to be Dimitri, because that’s what’s best for everyone involved.


Red pool unchanged
Blue: L!Chrom, L!Dimitri? or L!Caeda, A!Anna
Green: B3!Veronica (Thrasir), L!Edelgard, F!Lyon
Colorless unchanged

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L!Caeda would be really interesting. I could get behind that.


Lance that’s effective against everything in the game all weapons all movements

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I’m on the fence because it would be amazing if L!Dimitri came out on your birthday but there’s also a chance that it will be a different Legendary so I’m pretty unsure


Well considering Shadow Dragon is getting localized in the west I can see Caeda but Dimitri seems most likely imo

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Who knows really :thinking:
There doesn’t seem to be too much logic behind what Legendaries/Mythics IS picks, other than from games that are popular so people will pull.
If the legendary is blue, Dimitri is definitely one of the frontrunners to be chosen.
Don’t get your hopes up in case IS decides to do something completely different, but start saving your orbs :feh_birbpeek:


Yes, I started saving some while ago. Sadly, my orb Stack never really recovered from pulling for B!Dimitri. And the dragon themed Halloween Banner also took some orbs for me. That’s why I only saved 250 by now. I hope it will be enough if L!Dimitri really will happen.


250 in general is enough to get around 2-3 5* with normal luck :thinking:
It’s definitely a good amount to pull with, you have some wiggle room :feh_birbpeek:
With the powers of birthday luck & love and friendship, we can hope together that Dimitri will come home :fgo_ereshlove:


Thank you, much appreciated! :feh_flaynsmile:

In about 2 days the Trailer should drop, I will Keep my Fingers crossed!


I hate to be that person but depending on your timezone the banner is on the 30th :/

But regardless it counts so good luck :cat:


Crossing your fingers is welcoming bad luck you should not cross your fingers instead, cross your toes

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Oops, then I used it wrong all this time.
In German it’s “pressing thumbs”, so I will just do this instead.

@LadyLuna and @Umbriel seems like you guys are right and the banner will be released on the 30th for me.
But luckily IS changed the Trailer 2 days before Banner schedule to 1 day before Banner.
This way we should get the Trailer tomorrow since it didn’t came out today.

So it feels more like IS does have something prepared for my b-day :feh_flaynsmile:

I will come back here tomorrow morning either estatic or kinda disappointed… We will See :feh_dimitrismug:


Also ich drück dir die Daumen, dass du zu deinem Geburtstag L!Dimitri bekommst. :smiley:

“My english is not the yellow from the egg.” xD

Haha, i love this translated german phrases. :smiley:


Theirs a theory that it will be Micaiah because of her B.Alt showing up randomly what last months Mythic banner or something, which happened with L.Corrin and the month before her FF.Corrin was randomly on the Mythic banner. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up to much, IS is an unpredictable nature that doesn’t follow their own trends 100% of thr time (besides a very select few trends that haven’t changed yet since the start of the game)