Will Kronya get a rerun?

Just got my Kronya to +9 and I’m wondering if I should finish her up or wait for another free copy. Pretty sad they went with DK for the 3H revival unit this round. Do I practice patience and save for my next grail project, or use the 400 grails now and finish her?

She already did last month.


Good call. What about if she’s in the 3H Hall of Forms run o_O I kept the Forma Soul from the last round and I plan on only using it on a Grail Unit since they’re neutral anyway. I’m still missing Special Spiral for her too that’d be a nice way to get it.

I don’t think she’s very likely to be in a HoF. There are just more popular characters that are more likely. Your best bet at getting another without grails is if her GHB gets a rerun for some special event. While I think that is very possible at some point, it probably won’t be for a long time.


You’re right I just hate getting a free copy later that’s only for fodder. Like everyone with +10 Aversa already about to get a free copy of Odd Res Wave.

It’s kinda weird though that IS is doing a rerun of DK later this month right when we’re already in the middle of his run. At least there would have been a slightly longer degree of separation if it was Kronya instead.

Isn’t there a rerun of her for the 30th anniversary event? Is she there?

No it’s DK