Will mew two be worth pulling?

I know that mew twos banner has not yet been released. But gamepress is showing its stats and move pool already.
*Mewtwos sp.atk is really high
*has powerfull moves(both psychic and dark type)
*cant raise its sp.atk(which i feel is a big disadvantage in
*low defense and sp.defense
Will it be worth pulling or should i save my gems for lance and cynthia.
[ pros and cons are from the data which was in gamepress about mewtwo]

I believe that Mewtwo isn’t a banner and is more of an in-game event. Someone correct me if I’m wrong


I think it is a banner , with story event like blue and hilda ones. Even i am not 100 percent sure i thought it would be like this.

According to what I’ve seen in datamined information and what was implied by the devs, Mewtwo will be a farmable unit or something like that, so it’s basically going to be a free unit, AFAIK.


fixed that for ya


Yes it is a free unit, but there’ll be farmable ones for upgrade. So, you take what is given and boi what a thing to give. It’s my OG boi, Mew to the 2!

Mewtwo looks like it’s tiered for singleplayer, since it can’t do much for buffs except +2 evasion and 100% crit rate, so it would really need a good support like Rosa to reach its max potential.

Crit boosting is the most important boost for co-op due to the unity boost. It seems better for co-op than Caitlin, so it may shine when (and if) super-effective coverage against Psychic- and Ghost-types are needed.

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Now that it’s out, can confirm that it is an in-game event. If you obtain 800 tickets, you get it for free.

Sorta related to viggy’s question of is it worth pulling, the main question to ask is if it’s worth the time to pull. It’s 800 tickets to pull, but you also need event items to unlock it’s level cap and teach it moves. With the stuff you have after the 800 tickets, you can’t unlock much (about two level caps and a move) - it’s too under-levelled to be useful. To unlock all of them, you need to invest a ton of time, much more than the original 800 tickets. No gem requirements though. You need even more time if you want to obtain all its sync move upgrades and promotion tickets.

So you can obtain a 20/20 ticket, 5 sync move, mewtwo with all level caps and moves unlocked without gems. But to get all the items you will need to invest far more time than with any of the previous events.


AND that Super Hard is 99% impossible to beat if you’re not playing with friends.

All you get from clearing Super Hard is 300 gems (1st time) and 3 +buff blends. It’s not helpful for unlocking Mewtwo

I managed to clear SH on pubs with a level 90 Brycen, level 101 Karen, and level 100 Feralgtr (Feralgtr didn’t do much) with minor errors made. It’s much easier if you Haze Mewtwo boosts at the start of the match, again when he boosts after syncs, and KO Lunatone/Solrock before Mewtwo syncs (they Explode after sync). I recommend auto-quitting if someone leads with a support - I saw too many people do this.

You can clear SH in pubs. Yeah it may take some tries and you have to luck out on teammates that know what they’re doing. It’s been around 2-3 days, I’d like to hope that most people have gotten the hang on the strategy needed to beat SH.

I run Brendan/Olivia/Brycen. If no one else brings Brycen I switch and haze on turn 2 but if I see a Grimsley, I will wait for them to Snatch (if they know what they’re doing) before hazing. Attack the Lunatone with Bullet Seed, and then attack Solrock with Leaf Storm. If I get good teammates, both Lunatone and Solrock will go down before the Sync and we hit Unity. Afterwards we just take turns clapping Mewtwo’s cheeks (with physical moves)

I just beat it lmao. Crazy hard. My team is Kris/ Roxanne/Grimsley. Teammate 1 had Brendan/Karen/Olivia, and Teammate 2 had Olivia/Brycen/Grimsley. Thankfully, they were all people who knew the enemy and what they were doing (Sceptile hitting Solrock with Leaf Storm while Feraligatr and Lycanroc hitting Lunatone with Mega Kick and Stone Edge), therefore Lunatone and Solrock were both KOed before M2 sync move. Roxanne was originally there to protect against an Explosion but that wasn’t needed. Teammate 2 was also pretty considerate and let me Snatch the “You’re in Trouble Now” from Giovanni rather than Haze it right away. Thanks to that Liepard survived a Fire Blast with +6 Sp. Def.

Before I saw Sceptiles using Bullet Seed on Solrock before Leaf Storming Lunatone and Mewtwo, Liepards using Dark Pulse on Mewtwo, and a Cryogonal using Stone Cold Endurance, doing damage and totally forgetting about Haze.


Nice job!

And Roxanne is legit! One game, I was totally ready to sack my Brycen when someone with a Roxanne came in and Wide Guarded. Took me completely off guard but was awesome.


I’d say it’s worth all that trouble, maybe not all. Mewtwo’s offensive stats are busted, Mega evolution level of busted. Even if you don’t get to buy all the stuff from the event shop, getting it to lvl 100 (which needs more experience than other Sync pairs need) and unlocking some of its skills is probably enough for it to become super strong

I have no clue wether it’ll be good for Co-op, but it does put up a lot of damage on its own. Guess we can only be sure of its usefulness only after something weak to Psychic shows up on EX challenges

I think I just beat VH twice after a couple tries with randos. And I’ve compared how much mats I get along with the time to get em. Apparently for me, in about a minute the last farmable stage in single player gives me 3 silver tix and 1 red, however, in Hard coop, it was the same but the added mats in it makes more worthwhile, plus I can’t just keep pressing every minute to do it. So yeah, it’s gonna be a hard farm for me. Lol

So, do you got mewtwo? Can you share how to do it?

Are you able to participate in the Legendary event? Like can you visibly see and click on events tab on the quests? If so then it is there.
I assume you can’t right now if you needed to ask, or am I wrong to assume this?

Mewtwo can buff crit on it’s own. So even though it’s on the frailer side it’s already looking pretty good for co-op given how important unity is there.

And Marshall EX was just datamined recently so it should be good there hopefully! In anycase, Mewtwo being FTP will allow FTP players to have a great single striker at least and will help them with EX Marshall and perhaps some other stages where the boss has low Special.

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I finally got the time to jump in the band wagon, kinda regret starting it so late after saw the amount we need to perfect mewtwo (13000 voucher is just insane)

Anyway, this might sound repetitive, but Lycanroc & Dusclops really is the only pokemon you need. That leaves the chance on your partner.

I’m using them with ugly persian & managed to do it in one try with another random Lycanroc user and another one with Cryogonal. It happened pretty straight, buffing, killing Lunatone, killing Solrock, dent Mewtwo, Mewtwo massacred the Lycanroces, sending out ugly Persian, both teammate send out Houndoom, ugly persian died, Dusclops out & spamming Unbreakable Bond, Dusclops die from double edge & thought it might fail. Then the Houndoomes just beat Mewtwo. Now I’m kinda tempted to roll for Houndoom, just a bit.

sad Alolan cries

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