Will Tangrowth every learn Frenzy Plant?


I’ve got three very good Tangrowths (one 100% and two 96%). I know that Tangrowth is a great Grass Pokemon even if it lacks good grass moveset. Do you think we will every get “Frenzy Plant” as a possible moveset or does Tangrowth never learn this moveset even in the mainstream series?


No, but it can learn Grass Knot, which is still excellent. (Grass Knot is slightly stronger than Dynamic Punch)


Frenzy Plant (along with Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon) is (virtually) exclusive to Starter Pokemon in the main series games so it’s very unlikely that Tangrowth will get it in Go.


It could learn either Grass knot or Power whip(moves are identical, bar animation and name), which are both great moves. I do hope Niantic gives them to Tangrowth, like they did with Roserade.
My 100 % IV lucky Tangela is waiting for something else than just Solar beam, although Tangrowth’s bulk makes Solar beam one bar charge move problem less of a hindrance


Tangrowth may yet be better suited with Grass Knot or Power Whip anyway, as they’re very strong moves and lend themselves more to dodging than Frenzy Plant, and obviously Solar Beam, do.

That said, you’re right to be weary on holding off evolving your Tangelas. I don’t think a future CD for it is out of the question. It has already been a Raid Boss, it strangely lacks access to Power Whip, despite being a massive bundle of vines (not to mention, Tangela gets the move too) so I wouldn’t be surprised if Power Whip ended up being a CD move someday.


It would be great to see it get Power Whip. I had great hopes of Tangrowth after Tangela, but it’s disappointingly ‘okay’.


Like everyone has said, it can’t learn Frenzy, but Power Whip or Grass Knot are excellent possibilities. It should be added to its moveset. I think it’s important to note, that it will probably be a permanent addition similar to how Roserade got Grass Knot added permanently. So while you should still be wary of evolving it, there is a good chance that you won’t have to worry about that FOMO.


OBVIOUSLY Power Whip is needed…I’ve got a 100% I evolved not knowing the moves…duh


@AndrewB73 not sure if I’d say Tangrowth could be better suited with grass moves other than Frenzy Plant. FP is hands down the best Grass-type charge move in the game, which dodging isn’t going to change (and you can still dodge with it too).

But yes a potential CD could be a reason to hold on on evolving them, and I’d feel Power Whip would be a likely candidate.