Will there be a Seraph event re-run in the future?


I don’t think that i can finish all the singularity in a short time. The reason that holding me back from clearing all the singularity :
Didn’t have any 5* servant, only have oda and emiya for 4* servant and other lower star servant ( low level ofc, ranging from lv12-30 ), the only singularity that i’ve cleared is fuyuki, camelot is hard as hell ( maybe i’ll use SQ to clear easier and faster ).

But since i want BB on my roster and there is a chance that i can’t participate on the event, Will there be a re-run for seraph event?

and to be sure, we can get bb from seraph event correct? :thinking:


Yeah, last month we had a CCC rerun in JP, so expect the rerun in Feb '21.


thanks for the information ! ^^


You have 1.5 months before the event occurs, 1/2 AP event before it occur for Main Story part 1, and then the event lasts for 3 weeks. I genuinely think you can make it, especially given how we have 2 events with plenty of useful ascension materials to draw on as well.

Don’t sweat it too much, and good luck!


How much saint quartz do you have now?

If Emiya and Nobu is all you have, your base is low. So i will recommend rolling some quartz which you do get quite a number of in the beginning, i recommend rolling for more SR or SSRs. Of couse, it’s all luck but i think you will be much better off if you could get 1 or 2 more SRs in other classes besides archer. Good craft essences also help alot such as kaleidoscope, origin bullet, 2030 etc.

By the way, Emiya requires hearts of foerign god to level, remember to clear the shop out in the current event so you dont have trouble with ascending him later.

I think you should be able to clear up to solomon in the time left. But, it will take time planning battles beforehand (read guides) and being smart about who you are going to level now.


i just got avenger of shinjuku, might help me againts berserker and ruler, and camelot gimmick


Hessian Lobo is a good addition to your servant roster.
Avengers do not take extra damage from anything except Berserkers and he should serve you well.
Congrats. So now you have Emiya, Nobunaga and Hessian Lobo for 4 stars.
Do note that Avengers have auto-regen for NP.
Hessian also gets most of his stats from level 1-70. So, if you dont have resources to get him to 80. You can delay it till you do. You won’t miss out on much at all. However, since he’s one of the better servants you have, do max his HP and ATK stats with Fous which are available in the current event.



U should lv up Euryale for Camelot against Gawain, or use whatever strategy u have in mind.

Well, I’m on the 5th singularity. I’ll skip CCC event, and the rerun.


ok thanks, i’ll start leveling up all of my servant from now