Will we ever get another non-seasonal duo unit like D!Ephraim? :feh_ephraimoh: (and who would you like to see?)

There’s no way around it… I like duo units: it’s two characters for the price of one. Personally I think they’re great. So here’s the problem… I prefer normal banner units over seasonal units, to this day duo Ephraim remains one of my favourite duo heroes.

Most common assumption is that IntSys didn’t make more because they wanted to avoid adding duo heroes to the general summoning pool. I feel like it would be less impactful to add duo heroes to the general pool these days: we have ascended heroes in there and feh pass users can now spark for duo units. I think it would be beneficial for FTP players to bring back regular duo units like duo Ephraim and add them to the general summoning pool . Everyone can spark on new heroes banners or get lucky with a random duo pity breaker.

Would you like it if they made more non-seasonal duo units?

  • Yes, I would like more units like D!Ephraim
  • Nah, I’m good with just seasonal duo units / harmonics

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If yes, should they be added to the general pool?

  • Yes, add them to the general summoning pool
  • No thanks

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If they do bring them back there will probably be seasonal banners again without duo/harmonics. A duo unit every two weeks would be a bit much…

Also, who would you like to see? Maybe you can make a top 5? Here’s mine:

  • Jill & Haar
  • Nino & Jaffar
  • Bartre & Fir or Bartre & Karla
  • Mercedes & Jeritza or Mercedes & Annette
  • Ophelia & Odin or Ophelia & Nina

Yes, I’m cheating… there’s just so many combinations to choose from


The thing about this tho is that sure we have Ascendant hero’s in the general poll but they hardly do anything special after the first summon (which for most will be at least the spark on their release banner) sure they are strong units themselfs that don’t need Florite to have 2 book’s but other than that they aren’t any special than other unit’s outside of their kits, Duo units on the other hand has built in Duel effects on them for Arena and Harm unit’s are required for high scoring in that other mode, both modes IS tries to bank off of (outside of AR). So even if they do add more Duo or Harm unit’s outside of the seasonal poll its going to be a 0% chance of them being added into the general poll and being locked behind skills banners or any other special banners of the like


That reminds me, I randomly got an A!Laegjarn on my second account yesterday :feh_arvisboneappetite:


Ophelia x Soleil is bound to happen sooner or later…


Sonya and Genny Duo when?


Nino/Jaffar is always great, but Jaffar/Legault or Jaffar/Matthew would also be good. He had really good supports with both other theifs.

Erk/Serra would be pretty great.
Matthew/Leila because he deserves it.
If 3H child banner, Edel/Dimitri

I could think of more, but that’s all for now.


Would I like to see one? Hard to say. There are great duo pairings that would work just fine as a normal pool unit as they would a seasonal unit, so idc if they do or not honestly.

Should we get another one? Eh, I don’t think it’s a very great idea due to how rare they’d be.

Will we ever get another? I don’t think so. I believe Duo Ephraim exists purely because IS didn’t know what they wanted to do with Duos. After all, he was the second Duo ever and it was immediately after Duo Hector, so it would make sense to me that Duo Ephraim was just a test.


i was hoping for a fallen lloyd and linus duo, though that is seasonal-ish.


NGL I just wanna be able to get more copies of duo!Ephraim.
I’m at +3 and there hasn’t been another chance to get him since the bugged ahr as far as I remember.


I think Duo Ephraim/Lyon was a thing IS regrets and won’t do ever again.

I think it’s a awful idea putting more duos on the new hero banners which get treated like seasonals but there are no seasonal banners that gonna be rerunned.

Even if they would do new ones on the permanent pool, this could be a slot for a unit which isn’t in the game yet instead of another alt. When I get to accept alts on new hero banners, I’d definitely prefer more Ascended Heroes. 3 Ascended Florets aren’t enough.

I do hope for the duo Ephraim/Lyon fans though, that they are getting some reruns so they could finish them.