Will we ever get our Medusa Alter from the anime?

Her! I believe Caster Cu saves Ritsuka and Mash from her in Fuyuki. And even though I believe she was classed a lancer even in this, I feel an Assassin class would suit her methods better. Even her looks screams “I kill from the shadows”. I just love Medusa as a character in this universe oh so much. She deserves more love.


I don’t like her chances due to already having Lancer Medusa in young form and this version wielding the regular looking Harpe when likely the Lancer version of Perseus that’s leaked already will wield that. However, the possibility is still there I suppose, or an alternate class version like you mentioned due to FGO shenanigans.

How about a costume(s) for Medusa Lancer already in game?


I don’t think a costume would work since Ana is her younger self. This is her older, sexier self.


I would like to see her kit and moves, but specialy her ascention costumes

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Not unless it’s her summer form…


Holy ■■■■ yeah :fgo_buster:

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I agree an assassin class would suit this version of Medusa better. I think I read somewhere that the lance she is wielding is the staff carried by the boatman who delivers souls to the underworld on the river Styx. Her design and her weapon both seem very “death-y” which makes me associate her with assassin

I would love her to be a badass 5* St lancer with an assassin playstyle.
Something in between okita and Jack, but with the stun instead of the evade.

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No, she says in the anime that her spear kills immortals, so between that and having the same exact look as Harpe that Perseus wields it’s pretty clear that she’s using Harpe, which is why she’s a lancer in this version. I would like a version that doesn’t have Harpe since young Medusa Lancer has a variation of Harpe (still have no idea why hers looks different from Perseus’ version).

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She’s literally wielding the exact same weapon that Ana does. Just darker colored, probably from age and use.

Okay i guess we found our summer version for medusa

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It also differ from his legend version and the version from the original f/and vn

isnt this version is just her being more into her insticts and not having to worry about shitty master/saving stuff ?

I think the version we see in the movie is probably closer to an Alter version. I think I remember them mentioning that all the Servants (save for Cu Caster) had been corrupted, and the Saber we see is clearly Salter.

Yes she is an Alter