Will we ever get refines for beast units?

Assuming that IS keeps adding refines for the grail units in the order of their addition, we should reach Naesala around July '22 (or June '22 if Ethlyn gets skipped since IS hates staff units):

So far, no beast unit has received a refine yet, which makes me wonder if this will ever happen.

What’s your thoughts about this?


I don’t see why they wouldn’t made refines for them, nones got refines because they are too recent, gen 4 (or 3 don’t remember) when they are at the early gen 2 so…
They’ll get their turn eventually.


I hope so. Rafiel getting a refine would be incredible


They’re bound to come. We had two lots of Radiant Dawn beasts and the Fates beasts early 2019 so with the window now moved on to the mid 2019 CYL3 lot, they should be getting done. There’s literally only 12 5* units (Ophelia, Muspel OCs, Kliff, Owain, Loki and Adrifts) older than the first RD banner in the queue.

That is unless IS are total jerks again and don’t bother for years like they did for DC. Though I’m fairy sure they won’t be tossed aside like dancers and 3/4* healers.


They are so behind with refines it feels like units are being neglected.

The last unit we got refined (appart from the CYL3 and the Legendaries) was probably Ares who was released in May 2018.

First batch of beasts were released in January 2019 so we still have to wait a few months to see what they do…


The earliest Beast units are End of Gen 2/Start of Gen 3.

Its simply too early, they’ll get their chance.


I would hope so? It feels like some of them have far better pref weapons than others, so hopefully that’ll be a thing.

Maybe they’ll give Reyson and leanne unique refines?


I like to keep track of upcoming refines:

If they don’t skip ahead these guys will come before any of the beasts.

I’m sure they’ll do beasts though

… but less sure about dancers and 3/4 star healers :feh_ikecry:


Well, dancers have a tiny chance when L!Azura gets her remix. 3/4 healers in another hand…

Beast refines can happen eventually. There isn’t any reason why they couldn’t get one and the majority are 5* exclusive.


I hope so and think so… it’ll be a “new” thing they’ve got in their hip pocket when they do an all beast banner with 2-3 + weapons they can build on. But knowing IS it could be the last year before this game goes belly up.


Olwen NEXT!

(@ShinxDaSphinx support me on this)




who will be in the next batch?

Logic says the seasonal will be B!Tharja, grail Maybe Julius or Walhart, and 4* maybe Shigure/Kaze.

But IS doesn’t use logic


Next refine batch:

Grail unit: Y!Azura
Seasonal unit: P!Azura
Normal unit 1: Azura
Normal unit 2: Shigure (Azura’s son)
Legendary: L!Azura



Remixes and refines are two separate things. LAzura getting a remix doesn’t mean she will also get a refine. It would be weird, but it could happen.


If others get a refine she can get one too and what it makes her broken is her prf dance skill, a refine for her is just a bonus.

Anyways, her remix is in like six months, many things can change.

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But that hasn’t been true for any dancer so far. Gen 1 5* units got refines, but not Azura/Ninian/Olivia; grail units got refines but so far none have been dancers; seasonals with prf got refines, but not PA Azura, etc. Other legendaries getting refines doesn’t mean LAzura will get one.

Also, refines are separated from remixes. We know LAzura will get a remix, but we don’t know if she will get a refine. It’s not something set on stone.


People said the same thing with dc refines and we got it. It can hapen if IS want to do it.

It would be unfair that early legendaries and probably mythics get a remix and refine except her. A refine for her open the door for the others because it sets a precedent and new dancers have prf weapons so it’s not like they can’t do something for Ninian or Azura.

I know what you mean. I’m just more sceptical. I know there’s nothing stopping IS to give dancers refines, but so far they haven’t. LAzura might break the pattern or follow it. We simply don’t know yet. Both possibilities are plausible.

Next Refines: both Azuras, Soleil, Kaze, and green Olwen… The world isn’t ready for Dire Thunder