Will we get Freyr/Freya/Plumeria/Triandra?

We never got Hel/Gustav or Henriette. So I am just curious if we will get the other OCs. Personally I am hoping for Freyr. Lif, is still my favourite Heroes OC, but it would be nice to get another book 4 Hero in my barracks.

Who is your favourite Heroes OC?
And which Heroes OC do you want them to add next?
Do you even think we will get the others?
And do you think we will get them on new Heroes Banners?

I think, that it is possible for Freyr to appear on the chapter 13 Book IV Banner, since he is one of the good(or Maybe he is Evil, who knows) guys and we got both Pheony and Mirabelis. (Or Maybe never. Actually, most likely never)


Possibly. :ferdbirb: no way of knowing, but the chance is there.



Well, I don’t necessarily like any of them to be honest. Most of them seem extremely broody and uninteresting to be around, and the ones that aren’t are typically just bad in terms of character (Surtr for instance).

If I had to pick, I guess… Helbindi? :feh_lucyshrug:

Hopefully someone that doesn’t sit in a corner in the dark while thinking of every dark think they can. Someone who’s a bit more upbeat (I’m not talking like huge upbeat change, but just slightly) while also doing what needs to be done. I don’t wanna hear anything about friendship, or protecting loved ones, or any of that typical Shonen overly done cliché characters.


You never know what IS want´s to do with their OCs, but you are right, it would be very odd.

someone who looks like this is not evil, we also saw the evil hoe in the banner so thats that


I played to many Video games to agree to this. (But IS almost never does Plot Twists, so it´s more then unlikely)


Are you kidding? Masked Marth being Lucina was friggin’ mind blowing.

And when she mentioned being Chrom’s daughter? Totally unexpected.


You say Masked Marth and I say Pancakes (no one will get this refrence @.@)


My favorite OC is Fjorm, but mostly because of design tbh :feh_legion:

I dunno. I don’t really want any OC right now, I’d rather just get Marianne :feh_legion:


Triandra and maybe Freyja, depends of how her character develops but I loved her design:

They might take a while to be added but I don’t mind the wait

Hm… yes, maybe they’ll do Heroes banners in the future where they’ll put the OCs they didn’t add earlier as playables

Seems likely to me, we had OCs banners before :feh_eirikathink:


I can see Plumeria and Triandra getting in Feh like Maribilis and Peony did. I am fine with that because now we don’t have to wait months to get mythics from the main games.


Okay but, it took me until Chapter 3 of Awakening to realize that. When she said her father taught her the sword. And that was after months of playing FEH.

I felt embarrassed since my little sister said that she’s Masked Marth but I told her that couldn’t be it. :catroll:


Loki. Yes, I have bad taste, I know. But I also like Eir, Líf and Helbindi

Triandra? But honestly I don’t really care about them, I already have those I like except Líf

I’m sure we’ll get the fairies, Hel, Gustav and Henriette one day, IS would never waste those designs. Gustav maybe in a future fallen banner, Henriette could have a major role in the next book and Hel + fairies will be mythich heroes


Gustav should’ve been the 4☆ focus on the Fallen Banner :catdance:


It’s tough to say. Hel not being made available does set precedent for potentially not getting all of the new OCs, for sure. If nothing else, I’m just hoping they keep on like this. The OCs are all being considered as Mythic Heroes. But a new Mythic banner is added once every other month, and the pool of potential mythics from the main series games is getting larger as they add units like Bramimond. I’d rather see the OCs take a spot in a new banner and have their reruns in the Legendary/Mythic rotation, than have them take up a once-every-two-months addition.

Favorite OC so far is Gunnthra. Cute magic lady with ice and dream powers, I have a type. I don’t particularly want any of the other OCs added, but we’ll see how Freyja does as a character because that design is great.


Give me THOR :smiley:

That would be awesome :smiley:

Also Plumeria & Tiandra :smiley:


I just hope IS stops putting the fairies in New Heroes banner, as much as its good for me this time. I prefer to see the slot occupied by a hero from the game of the banner.


Since Peony is playable, I think we’ll eventually get the rest of the fairies :thinking:
Hel is an expection because in-game it’s stated that there is only one Hel (at least that’s what I’ve heard)


Maybe a bigger Banner with more units? Where you can choose the units, for what your are summon? xD

let my dream :D

Like in Azur Lane, make your own “special” Banner with the units you want. xD