Will we get the April 1 Saint graphs?

Since April 1st is almost upon us, do you think we will get the special saint graphs for our servants this coming April 1? If i remember correctly, we didn’t get it last year but JP did. So hopefully we do get them again.

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We got them last year, didn’t we?
I remember seeing them.

I’m fairly certain we didn’t get them last year in fact I don’t even think they acknowledged April fools for the NA server


I guess I was remembering 2 years ago.


2016 (JP) and 2018 (EN)
Riyo’s April Fools’ images replaced all servant in-game portraits.

Maybe. I wasn’t here for that 2 years ago but I’m fairly certain they didn’t do anything last year

Do we only get them for one day? I have always seen them in websites, but never in game (during and not during last year’s April fool’s).

Two years ago we did get them. Last year I was expecting a repeat and was disappointed when it didn’t repeat. Not holding my breath about them this year.


jp only got them their first april fools’ in-game

every subsequent year has been showcased via a one-day only joke app game, of which the first was the pokemon go parody they (understandably) didn’t localize over

this year would’ve been the pokemon go parody sequel, and next year the dragon quest parody (this is why all the recentish servant joke saint graphs are all pixelated)

they’ll probably do like they did for na last year with that card matching minigame+image maker and have something else to showcase these riyo arts

Or they won’t bother at all…

Yeah they gave us 10 SQ and pinball though.

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I’ll take SQ over art gimmicks any day.

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