Will you pull for the units with new refines?

I’m personally gonna try to plus Abel. His art is great, his lines are too, and his stats are decent too, and he’ll be great with his refine. Cain can be just as good, but Abel looks better.

Are you gonna pull for any of the units, once the New Power banner comes out?

Nice joke.

@Lain Lmao I expected this response. I, for some reason, always get units in the New Power banners. Idk why, but since I love the refines as well, I’m going for Abel. I know the legendary banner comes out, but I do garbage on those tbh.

never. especially for these 4

Nope. I am low on orbs and I have plenty copies of Abel, so I could just invest feathers if the urge arises. Before the update I mostly used him as Swordbreaker fodder.

I will not pull for theses unit, i already have a lot of them in my barrack and i don’t plan to build/merges them.

nope don´t intend to either. Already have a 5* Hana, and that is the only unit of interest for me. I might consider merging her after trying out her refine, but I have so many 4* Hanas that it isn´t worth it to pull for 5* versions :slight_smile:

Nope. I already have Hana and Cain at 5*, and the other two don’t have interesting refines to the point I’d actually pull for them.

Question though, is Cain’s refine a similar effect as Brave Celica’s Double Lion? As in, he’ll be able to Quad if he outspeeds? Not sure if I’m misreading this.

@Cygnus > Cain and Abel’s refine turns their weapons into Brave Weapons whenever they meet the requirement (albeit without the speed penalty, which is vur nicce). So yeah, they’ll quad if they can outspeed. It’s basically the archetype duo’s counterpart of the Whitewing sisters’ weapons.

@Loresome > I won’t pull for them since i already have so many copies, but i’ll definitly refine and build Green Boi. I’m considering building Cain as well, since they work well together, lore-wise and gameplay-wise.

My dude feathers