Will you roll for

Okita Alter?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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And if you do, why?

  • Waifu
  • She is better than the other Alter Ego
  • She is Okita, so collection purpose of Okita faces
  • Don’t know. A 5* could always be useful
  • I need someone to clear this Summer Raid

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Personally, i’ll skip it.

But i hope someone in my friendlist will summon her, because she can solo the hardest raid mission of this summer.

Me…i like Alter Egos but their weakness against 3 classes has always been a concern to me.

Good to own a Alter Ego if you are weak against 1 or more cavalry classes.

But when you no longer have this problem, Alter Egos becomes only a luxury that we can skip.

Well, I won’t roll, since I need my quartz for Napoleon and Skadi. But I do plan to use tickets on her. I love her design, I really like Okita in general, and she has a really strong kit.


Votes are going toward the “No”.


Since she is Okita, i thought a lot of people would try to grab her.

It’s because Skadi is so near? (i think i’m almost the only one here not interested in Skadi)

No i won’t, i’m going for Skadi and possibly Medb this year so i can’t waste quartz.

Next year i’m going for Kiara/Yagyu on the Ooku banner and later the Asclepius banner so i’ll have nothing to roll for Okita.

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I’m a whale and I want at least one copy of every servant in the game. That’s my reasoning


When in the past i whaled i had a similar mindset, so i can understand your reasoning.

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I like her but favor Okita and since she didn’t come home on her last rate up :fgo_deadinside: I’m prioritizing my SQ on these specific servants rate ups- Skadi, Gil, Waver. Good luck to all who roll for Okita Alter!

Now considering my roster I really don’t need her so I’d prob stop at np1 my real target is okada np5 so I may get multiple copies of okita if okada takes a long time


Of course i want her, have you seen her design?! I love her design!!! Reason? The obvious reason for roll for a servant of course! I need her to came soon! I can’t handle my gacha addiction!!! :fgo_insane:

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As a self-proclaimed Alter Exalter, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go for her but it’s also out of convenience since my main target is Okada


Aaaaaand we have already reached a tie between the “No” and “Yes”.

Seems like people have mixed feelings about Okita Alter.

Skadi influence or i was overestimating Okita Alter, thinking that she was liked by many people?

Anyway, it’s still very early to value the results.

I roll almost every banner at least a little in my F2P allowance. My hopes will be for the limited 3* since I like to be realistic in my expectations and be pleasantly surprised by the prize

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I wish I could roll for her, as she has a great design, but I can’t compromise my vow to only spend quartz rolling for Skadi and Summer BB this year. Once you start justifying exceptions, your money begins evaporating.


I already have her in JP since recently and I already rolled a good amount on this first Summer Banner so… probably not so much. If anything the 15 Tickets I’ll have next month and a 10 Roll with the 50-Day Bonus I’m getting in 2 days.
I’m more looking forward to Valkyrie (and MAAAAAYYYYYBEEEE Brynhild NP3; Would be awesome since she’s my main SSR ST Lancer)

I’m pulling on her Banner, but she’s more of a bonus :eyes:


I’m going to try for her, but after blowing almost all of my SQ savings trying to get NP5 summer servants right now I don’t see it going well. I still have 2 copies of Surfer Mordred to grab, as well as 1 more Tamalancer.

Does summoning for her indirectly count?

I’m going to try for Okada Izou, though I won’t turn down any Okita Alters, Li Shuwens, Emiyas or spooks if they happen to show up in the process.



Love her design, I don’t have a single Alter Ego ('cause screw Mecha Eli, I refuse to use her) which irks me and it’s a good banner all around for me. :fgo_daishouri:

Absolutely. My #1 servant of this year, my wife is coming home babyyyyyy!

Preferably NP2 if I can, that’ll be good enough until her next rate up so I can save up and get her NP5 in the future. She’s the only one worth it for me. :fgo_ereshlove:

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Like many, Skadi hampers any chance of me spending any SQ on this beautiful piece of work. Also, gameplay wise, I have two other AoE Alter Egos so that further tightens my belt for any accidental spending. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind getting her on the Extra GSSR, though I’d rather have Jalter or Abby appear for personal preference.