William Tell First Impressions

William Tell’s Profile is now up and running (for the most part)

We added our initial thoughts about him as well. This is mostly placeholder until we can provide a full writeup.

Now it’s back to adding stuff!


No such thing as bad archer eh… Only bad saber :fgo_buster:

Greatly appreciate how quickly these were put up!

I was fully prepared to try and budget for the lad well in advance - that Wilhelm is easily available as a 3* makes me genuinely happy. And while I was wondering out loud about a taunt-bowperson recently and half-hoped he’d fill that gap, I can’t say I am disappointed by his skill-set. Lad will fit in nicely alongside Hood and Edgy, latter of whom I should have raised by then.

He’s probably the best out of the entire banner, but that’s just my own kneejerk reaction. I think the Saber does not quite have Skadi looping potential except with some extreme prep, but I’m sure we’ll know inbetween the writeup and now.

But this kit just flows quite well! The skill seal seems like an excuse to have an instinct and prevent complaints that way.


They really can’t make a bad 3* archer can they? Also I like his anti evasion special bonus. Any idea if he’ll continue the trend of being story a locked 3*?

To balance all the 3* archers DW will probably make future content lancer heavy

There’s another 3* in the next batch of Servants, we’re uploading the rest of the datamine atm.

Billy seems powercrept LOL. Instant stars, star succ, and a card buff? Those are things Billy would love in his kit.
Perhaps a team between the two of them could work, if Billy generates enough stars for William

I’m getting the distinct feeling that DW loves the Archer class. :smirk:

Well, at least it gives a decent amount of crit stars. :sweat_smile:

A crit-heavy skillset with an Arts buff makes for quite a large burst of damage. That anti-Evade niche of his would be pretty nice but I can’t think of any Saber that possesses an Evade skill asides from Fergus and Okita. I suppose it would be something like Euryale’s anti-male skill (if I’m placing the extra damage in the right place in my head calculation) in that it’s potent against Evade despite lacking class advantage. The timing would be an issue though if the NP isn’t ready when an Evade comes up, or if the Evade isn’t used and the NP is left to wait.

All in all, he seems like a pretty solid 3* Archer (again).

dudes kit is literally homles’s + robin

and hes perma non story locked
with decent atk and relativvely decent np gain

gg bois
also tbh if they had just given him an instinct as it is(since its 30 stars)
no one could complain cause

  • its alot
  • he has a star gather skill to make use of it

3 turn debuff immunity on a 3 star tho

Just looking at his skill set, I would think he is qualify to be a 4 star.
How good are they going make the archer class?

nasu retconning his own canon that sabers are suppose to be the strongest class again

He will fit right into my NA team.
Saw a video of someone soloing wave 2-3 of saber 40 ap even when he was at level 60.
His damage isn’t a joke and with crits he did back to back np.

His animations look awesome btw and his kit is great. Only thing I’m sad about is the lack of skill gems I have on JP: