Windsweep Hurricane

He’s done!

Just need flowers (don’t we all) and the he’s good to go!

Legault is an amazing character from FE7, and I finally got around to building him. Gave him the dance Ethelyn manual, but A is budget for now. Might switch to +spd if I pull a copy.

Next merge project will be another Elibe one, as I plan to build Brunnya from the next HOF. Never got around to doing it before, cause I lacked the fodder. Obviously not a problem (hopefully) with HOF.


Nice! Got one of my own I’m waiting to build for my girlfriend’s sake. He’s got a similar build I’m working on, but LnD is a solid pick for him regardless.


Congrats mine I have mine stuck at +0 but I havent chosen a dagger to take advantage of, but we are close for his refine so I will give him a wait until going to fully merging him.


Seeing again. Interesting how his art is good and aged well. Unlike Eliwood, Athena and Lloyd death stone.


Time for an obligatory :feh_legaultattack: post from me


Honestly Llyod has literally the worst art in the entire game.

It’s not even a contest with how bad it is.


Very nice! Congrats on finishing him :catclap:

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I love Legault so much but never got to build him. I’m really attracted to his SPD stat.

His refine is due by the end of summer so hopefully he gets something nice!

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