Winter Chrom Build Ideas

Hello. Adrift again.
I am, once again, asking for your financial support help with builds.

I want to build up my Winter Chrom so I can actually have an Armor Axe Unit I can use that isn’t mediocre.
I don’t have a lot of Axe units and until I start merging one up. I need a stand in.
I have a +Res -Hp Winter Chrom. I was thinking about something like this.

I dont know what to do with his B-Skill. I figure people are going to say “Vengeful Fighter” but I don’t have anyone with Vengeful. Well. Beside a +2 Myrrh but that’s not happening. What should I do?

Any advice appreciated.

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You could get a M!Grima manual from Divine Codes in a few days :eyes:


Well, I’d instead make the heavy investment in an axe unit I intend to merge, like Sheena. If you insist on building Chrom, then maybe just Wary Fighter would work?


Oh dang. Completely forgot that was happening
Yeah I guess I could just wait

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I mean Adrift is a big Chrom fan


I do plan to merge armor unit in the future. But right now, I’m focusing on Cordelia and maybe Mercedes since I’ve already got so many of her.
I just needed an Axe Armor for a bit until I eventually get around to it.
That and I plan to make Chrom Emblem soon enough and I want to work.
I’m technically “there” because Itsuki exists but my friend begs to differ since Itsuki isn’t Chrom so. I “have it” but not really. I guess

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Makes me think of Nagi. Slap a Slaying Axe, special fighter, bonfire, and QR3 seal and you’re good.


I call thismy Jack Skellington build due to the halloween axe and winter oufit.

Alternately go all in on res,

Another common option. Swap Iceberg for damage, Sol for sustain. Could also run DC instead of Fort for handling more units at the cost of bulk.

Or just go nuts and kill everything. (Firesweep Axe also an option)

Yoh could do something like what I do with Echidna.

The only difference is that I use DC instead of Fortress, but using Rearguard/WS gives your Chrom a solid 48 DEF/RES with flowers and no merges.

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Then use Vengeful-Lite Quick Riposte.

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Im just gonna wait for Divine Codes and sacrafice a Grima Manual :feh_nino:

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