Winter in Ram Village (My Ideas)

I’ve been thinking of what this next winter theme should or could be, and I’ve settled of Winter in Ram Village. We could have Alts for Gray, Tobin, Faye, and Kliff in the banner. With the Tempest Trials, we could have a Mycen dressed up as Santa as the free unit. The only thing holding this banner back would probably be the lack of women besides Faye. Other than that, please IS, I really want this now.


Yeah, and unfortunately, this is enough for IS to not ok this

But maybe take out one of the boys for Clair and make the TT unit Mathilda and they just might go for it

A skip for me unless they include Celica

Oh, Clair is good too (the rest depends on skills they offer)

I want something similar, a Valentine banner like Greil’s devoted but with Mycen and the villagers when they were kids. Since IS won’t make a banner with more guys than girls maybe one of the guys can be replaced by Celica Tobin.

I don’t think that Celica deserves more alts, but if this is the only way to get more Echoes characters/alts… go ahead IS

I could see an Echoes Valentines banner with Clive, Mathilda, and Fernand. Possibly Berkut and Rinea as well, but I doubt them now. Faye would probably work very well as a Valentines unit (RIP Faye’s heart).


I’d want the Christmas banner to have Seliph and Julia on it as Eirika and Ephraim were on last year’s Christmas banner, it’d be a nice subtle callback to the Family Bonds banner from a long time ago

What we really need is Legendary Seliph and Chrom.

I love Berkut but stop. Give some love to the other characters. And Rinea just got an alt, we should get her base form before another seasonal.

But I agree about Clive and Mathilda. Maybe also Zeke and Tatiana? Gray and Clair? There are a lot of couple that they can use

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I’ve been debating how exactly they’d make Zeke, but as a Valentines unit that seems much more plausible.

We absolutely need Seliph though I don’t think that will be for a while. Chrom would be nice as well, the next Legendary Hero could be red so he may have a shot.

We got Sirius, so probably we’ll get Zeke one day. Another cav lance lol. But if he’s a seasonal unit IS can give him any class

My thoughts exactly.

Somewhere, @Bow-of-Sacae is quaking at the thought of Tobin getting an Alt.


I feel that with an Echoes Valentines banner, Clive, Mathilda, Zeke, and Tatiana are the most likely to get Alts. Though I don’t know exactly who the TT unit would be.

Nvm Fernand would be the perfect TT unit.

Did you say…

Tobin alt?



Fernand or Faye, since they both don’t have a partner and they are in love with someone who is already in a relationship with someone else

That would be nice and sad at the same time

They’d both be big oofs.

IS: Of course. It’s not a SoV banner without her. :thinkinglikelukas:

Me when I see SoV :smugmicaiah:

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