[WIP] Xmas 5 Lotto Farming Guide :fgo_nightingalethrow:


Hey there :catwave:

No spreadsheet this time because I probably won’t have time to really commit to it (also, RIP Cirnopedia; idk why how the Wiki and Fandom became the go-to resources b/c they suck), but I did want to make a topic about farming Xmas 5.

Event Information

Expected Start Date: Wednesday, December 15
Expected End Date: Saturday, December 25

The Lotto

Visual of Lotto Box Contents

Each box contains your standard 2/2/1 blue/red/gold gems, 25 4* embers, 15 3* embers, 3 bronze apples, and an assortment of mana prisms, friend points, and QP.

The materials this time are:

Longtime players will be good on crystals and pages (and possibly lanterns too) but most of us still need fangs.

Likewise, Claws and Feathers are always in demand. Rings too, although they’re not as terrible to farm if you have a good Saber, in my experience.

But there’s nothing recent here, except the rings.

Farming (very WIP)


Farming this lotto is MUCH easier if you can MLB it before the final/Gold Tag round!

Day 1: Sabers (Advanced)

This node is such a joke that anybody should be able to farm it, especially with the event bonus modifiers.

If you’re looking to 6-slot at this point, try:

  • Standard Rider Mordred with double Bride will almost definitely have the damage for this, especially with NP levels. You can run plugsuit Tamamo to ensure she KOs.
  • Smolvinci at higher NP levels will, too
  • DSS Atalante, with plugsuit Waver, works assuming you manage to MLB and still run full drops
  • Any combination of Jarcher loops
  • Nito/Arash/Spartacus with double Waver
Day 2: Assassins (Green Tag)

6-Slot Comps

Double NP Paracelsus/Anastasia/Waver. If you have an MLB copy by this point, you can use any Caster/Berserker with a 30% battery, like Sieg or Spartacus.

Day 3: Berserkers (Yellow Tag)
Day 4: Casters (Red Tag)

6-Slot Videos

Standard Rider Mordred(NP1)/Bride/Tamamo

Day 5: Sabers (White Tag)

6-Slot Videos

Jarcher/Double Bride

Day 6 Onwards: Lancers (Gold Tag)

This node looks easy, especially with the powermod bonus, but it was hard for people to 6-slot farm on JP.

6-slot Videos

  1. Artoria/Mordred/Double Waver
    • You could also use Spartacus instead of Mordred in this video. Clear W1 with his NP, then use Artoria for W2 and W3
    • Definitely the most reliable comp here (and probably the fastest, too)
  2. Space Ishtar (Lv. 100, NP2)/Waver/Skadi/Skadi
    • Spishtar does fine here. If you want to break out the new toy, by all means, go for it. NP3 will probably have a similar performance to NP2 here.
  3. Waver/Salter/Chen Gong(Lv. 80)/Waver/Shakespeare
  4. Smolvinci(NP2) + Bride/Waver/Tamamo, 4 NPs
  5. Arash(Lv. 70)/Spishtar(NP2)/Salter(NP3)/Waver
  6. Smolvinci/Double Bride/Paracelsus, FIVE NPs wtf
  7. Double Artoria/Waver/Saberlot, Facecard W1
    • Also super reliable, but fishing for an Artoria (or Mordred) on your Support List might be hard
  8. Waver/Chen Gong/Mordred/Skadi
  9. Artoria/Arash/Waver/Skadi/Merlin
  10. DSS Zerklot(NP5) + Bride
    • Zerklot is NP5 and refunds 102 going into W2, so might be strict requirements.
  11. Same as above, but Paracelsus instead of Bride
  12. Caster Nero/Chen Gong(Lv. 90)/Waver/Skadi/Waver
  13. Artoria/Waver/Arthur/Merlin (Facecard W1)
  14. Artoria/Spishtar/Summer BB
  15. DSS Zerklot and Tropical Summer MC
    • Lv. 100 NP5 Zerklot tho; might be difficult to replicate
  16. Spishtar (Lv. 100, NP2)/Skadi/Eresh/Tropical Summer
  17. Double NP Spishtar/Artoria/Waver
    • This looks like a favorite
  18. Gong-assisted double NP Artoria w/ Mage’s (Waver/Gong/Artoria/Skadi)
  19. Waver/Mordred (NP1)/Gong/Merlin/Skadi
  20. Bride/Gong/Waver/Waveer/Skadi (Chen Gong looping)
  21. Arash/Merlin/Artoria/Spishtar; good for leveling Arctic

5-Slot Videos

  1. Summer BB/Samba Quetz/Artoria/Merlin
  2. Ozy/Mordred/Chen Gong/Skadi/Waver
  3. Double Artoria, Bride, Waver (Facecard W1)

Helpful Resources


What are the NP level requirements on this one? (Video’s are NP5 and NP3)


Np2 Artoria assuming Lv 100 CE, 10/10/10 skills, Lv 10 Plugsuit, and double Waver, hits 124,991 - 152,406 on Brynhild.

NP5 hits a low of 149,789 so you’re still just shy of a guaranteed KO, but your facecards will definitely finish her off by then.


A blessed and most holy gentleman as always.


This is basically what I was thinking of doing

As long as I can get a MLB CE by the time the node comes out I won’t need to Plug anyone in for charge, will I?

Actually even if I will, I can just use Shakes in place of Merlin so I get to keep Bonding Shiki

Support Waver of course



I have 4 bombs ready so can get Traces to around level 80, hopefully the event will let me make 2-3 more.


Well I’ll prob just do that spishtar setup and deal with the plugsuit

I got her to np5 and lvl 100 I’m gonna use her


Yeah, it’s ++bond for Space Ishtar. Might as well.


Godjuna takes the wheel yet again.


I didn’t even realize we were this close to the Xmas lotto.

I’ve been grinding Santagale’s mats recently on Nat AP, here’s to hoping I get done before she comes knocking.The most interesting thing here is probably the ticket for feathers/rings/claws for me, at 22 rings and tho I have no ring needs in the near future this is nice, as are the feathers.

The most drawing thing this event is definitely gonna be Traces of Xmas, been looking forward to it for a while now, gonna lvl 100 that one.

All in all, not gonna go hard this lotto at all, roster’s at max level, still at 900 mil QP, I’ve levelled what skills I could and mats wise only pages interest me. So this is just stocking up embers for the SSR ticket (you can’t escape ne now, Karna :fgo_insane: ) and NY GSSR, and anything else I happen to pick up along the way.

Dantes 6-slot is gonna be my go to here. I level 100’ed that Man, and I’m gonna use him! :fgo_danteskuhaha:

As always thanks for the spreadsheet jakeyb!



time to unga bunga the lotto again :fgo_derpalot:

Also, great work Jakey :catclap:


Yeah, I was like, wait a second


My overall plan is to do brainless superscope 5-slot, like DSS Dantès, until it makes sense to 6-slot, at which point I’ll swap to brainless plugsuit Space Ishtar unless I find another comp I want to use.

50% starting charge on the lotto CE could really open up options with high NP levels.


That’s basically my plan too tbh

I can have fun with a Surfdred 6-slot for the Caster node but for everything else, Dantes or Zerklot it is


For sure with Mordred. Will put her to work there since it’s such an easy node.


My apple supplies are a little skint, so I’m gonna be banking hard on drop luck to get my CE count up high enough to be running effective 6-slots by the time the Lancer node opens up anyway. If I’m not comfortably 6-slotting by that point, I may end up running some kind of Artoria/Merlin/Junao/Waver mess to keep my major bond targets in the mix.


Here’s a concept for the 6-slot, too.

W1: Nito OR Mozart startbomb + crits
W2: Swap Nito for Merlin. NP with Junao
W3: NP with Artoria


Can Spishtar DSS + Waver do this at np1 with grails and gold fou, what if I dropped down to a 5S with Kscope on her?


Thing is, you still want double Skaði for the damage boost

So you really just need, say

W1: CE50 + Spishtar50
W2: Refund30 + Skadi50 + Waver20
W3: Refund20 + Waver30 + Skadi50

Idk how well the refund will work, though.

Also, W2 is the issue because you’re still using her Arts NP at that point. You could pop her NP change skill then but you’re working with a weaker W3 NP. Would have to run calcs for your specific Spishtar and CE levels and also for the RNG on her S3


The video W3 looked like a lot of overkill so you probably don’t need the S2 boost on W3