Wishing you all a Happy New year!

Feel free to talk about what you loved or thought went wrong with this year, and post your New Year resolutions if you like!

For me, my academics went pretty smoothly this year, as well as getting a Switch
Also, no New Year’s resolutions… yet.
How about you guys?


I’ll post what I already did on a different thread.

2019 didn’t start great but got better as the year went on. A lot of that had to do with sschool.Last school year I tended to not focus on my studies and keep bad marks to myself. This snowballed into even more bad marks and a lot of stress. I failed multiple courses both semesters. Thankfully I had a good break over the summer and got plan for this past fall semester. It went much better. I told people when I was having trouble and got the help I needed. Was able to pass all my courses.

Outside of school the year had it’s ups and downs. My grandfather passed away earlier this year, making it the first time I’ve lost someone close to me. That sucked obviously. Otherwise things have been pretty good. Got to see the band Def Leppard when they were in town, I’ve continued to work at my part time job and have been there for over 3 years now.

In Feh this has been a fairly good year. I completed my first +10 (Eirika) right at the start of the year and have completed 7 more since then. One of them was Arden marking my first grail unit. I’ve also started merging L!Lucina as a 5 star exclusive merge project. She’s only at +3 (haven’t had the best luck) so it’s been slow going. As for some bad I’d say that Feh saw more power creep than ever this year. We had mythics and duos both rise to prominence this year and the problems they bring (more so duos). And older units are having a harder time than ever competing with new units. Also no brave redux. Wtf IS?


Well, considering how I’ve spent the last 7 years being extremely stressed out with absolutely no vacation from taking care of my niece and nephew…

I’d say that nothing has changed.


What I liked/what went well:

  • got on the President’s list (Spring 2019 semester)
  • got on the Dean’s list my first semester (Fall 2018 semester)
  • an essay I wrote for a class and submitted for an essay contest is in the process of being published in a college composition textbook (@Pactato, I’ve told you about this before on the GP Discord)
  • I 1cced a Touhou game for the first time (PoFV)
  • I 1cced Touhou 8: Imperishable Night
  • got a new plug-in game controller this Christmas
  • joining Gamepress
  • getting an armoir in my room at home
  • turning 20

What I didn’t like/didn’t go well:

  • one of my family’s cats died (we found out last night)
  • FEH at the first half of the year with powercreep and repetitive game/character representation
  • not getting a 4.0 GPA my first semester (got a 3.94 because I got an A- in a class that I did well on the essays but got a B- on the final exam)
  • seeing Valentian Catria get into Heroes instead of Luthier (still upset about it to this day)
  • having 3 classes this semester where my final grade was an A-
  • my friendship with a guy who I used to have a crush on but lost romantic interest 2 months after (things became really awkward between us, and he even followed me on two occurrences because he had a massive crush on me)

New Year’s resolution: nothing, honestly


I’ll post what I did on the thread I made

2019 was one of the best years of my life. I’ll be looking back at the good and bad things for me, in both gaming and real life. Thanks for anyone bothering to read this


The Good Stuff
  • Had a lot of fun with Sekiro once I actually got gud, probably my favorite game of the year. The art, combat, story, characters were close to perfect
  • Played 3h, loved the characters and story, found the combat and the actual game just a tad underwhelming
  • Fell in love seriously with Marianne
  • Played a small indie game called Greedfall
  • Greedfall had a really cool story and characters, as well as decent combat and good open world and art style
  • Greedfall felt like if the studio had a bigger budget they could make a really good tier game
  • Got back into FEH after a few years!
  • Built up my barracks in FEH basically from scratch, I feel I know the game a lot better now
  • Got really good at ultimate, I’ve always been improving but this year I asserted my dominance at my school for Smash, although my brother is arguably better than me lol
The Bad
  • Got extremely triggered at a lot of moments in Sekiro
  • Spent like four hours beating one boss
  • Couldn’t S support enough girls in time for the end of the year
  • Greedfall felt like it could have been a god tier game
  • Got even more triggered at Sekiro

Real Life

The Good
  • Got really really good grades at school
  • Had a lot of quality time with friends and family
  • Crushed really hard on a girl
  • I’m just really happy how this year turned out, I can’t remember everything but I really just enjoyed this year a lot
  • Got really a lot better at piano
  • Made a YouTube channel just for fun, I just played piano and show it to my relatives lol
The Bad
  • The girl I had a crush on left my school
  • I don’t really care that much, I don’t regret anything, I confessed, I got denied, end of story
  • Pretty much that’s what I focus on for the bad things this year
  • Grades could have been better, I actually failed my first assignment RIP

Well thanks for reading that, I know a lot of people had a much harsher 2019 than I did, but happy new year and here’s to having an even better 2020


2019 wasn’t very good for me because I felt like I’m stagnating. My grades at college got slightly better but there’s no noteworthy achievement other than that.

For next year, I’m hoping that I can finish my thesis, pass the comprehensive exam, and graduate from college.

And Happy New Year to you too!


I really need to sleep but I’ll be back


Well, time I post mine:

Though this was initially a Christmas wishlist, expanding it to New Year resolutions is a good idea so there you go.

As for good/bad things that happened to me in 2019… all I can remember on top of my head:

Good things
  • Finding GamePress and having made friends, this place’s like no other, thank you all for this really nice opportunity.
  • Having learned more lessons of life.
  • Finishing yet another year of my Portuguese course, no idea if I’ll do the fourth one, I’ll see.
  • Getting the chances to travel a bit often to the southern parts of my country, mainly my hometown, means a lot for me who’s most of the time on a city in the far north that stresses me.
  • Having gotten my own PC, not the best but for what I use it it’s really good, couldn’t ask for more.
  • Managing to +10 Sonya in FEH.
  • Managing to save 700+ orbs in FEH.
  • Witness Idoun’s debut in FEH and getting her, that made me real happy because she’s my favourite character since a few years ago and everything of her is perfect. I’m sure I’ll be able to put that I +10ed her on the list for next year :feh_rinea_smile: :feh_excidunn:.
Bad things
  • Having wasted time on rerolls across a few gachas… among other reasons.
  • Not having gotten a job and honing my skills for independence (living alone).
  • Not having much to study.
  • Witnessing a few people change, it was nice having the chance of meeting them back then but sadly things have gotten worse from their side.

(I’ll edit this later if I remember something)

Anyway, Happy New Year! May it be fruitful for you


2019 was pretty good. :feh_legion:

Happy New year to ya as well.


Blah blah blah happy new year where ever you are. :feh_humblecurate:


Weird flex, but I managed to download atleast 275 songs from this year exclusively! :D
This would’ve been easily 300+ if I had dl’ed every gd song I heard on every platform, but no and I wish I had immediately dl’ed some songs instead of waiting a few weeks to bulk dl and forget a few. Lol
Anyway, I find this dope in my standards. :ok_hand:

(You’ll notice what type of music genre I mostly like listening to. Lmao. EDM iz lyf tho there’ll be a few outliers in there somewhere, c’mon I’m not a complete hippy. Kek)


I plan to continue on my diet, get a job and try to make some new friends (maybe a girlfriend but that is unpredictable).

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cant we make just one thread instead of 6 or 7 different ones…


High-key me during Christmas :feh_tooobin:

Idk, can we? :feh_camillamug:

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Happy new year everyone !

Oh, and why not my list of what went well this year too :

Good stuff
  • Starting Fire Emblem at the beginning of the year, and I absolutely don’t regret it. It quickly became one of my favorite licences.
  • My previous school year went pretty well
  • I saw again a very good friend that I haven’t seen since years
  • Finding this amazing place and meet amazing people here
  • Starting FEH
  • Getting the amazing game that is Three Houses
  • Getting my OG!Eliwood to +10 and I’m really proud of it.
  • Having an amazing family, as always
Bad stuff
  • Hearthstone going really wrong with absurd shit amount of powercreep and shitty gamedesign choices. It was a game that I played a lot and really liked before, but this is too much. I feel a little sad to leave a game that I liked so much before.
  • The new Pokemon on the Switch was really disappointing for me. Pokemon is a licence that I love since my childhood and I expected a lot from the new game.
  • My current school year goes wrong. I have bad grades, I feel I suck because this is not the first year that I have bad grade issues and I feel terribly bad about it.
  • Having a terrible bad luck during the end of the year in FEH for a long period that made me spend way too much on the game and I still feel terrible about it.
  • Still having the feeling that I don’t really have friends IRL.
  • I tried to be good at Smash Ultimate, but I failed to have a good level and I’m quite discouraged. Maybe I’ll try again the next year, but I don’t have great hopes about it.

I think that’s it. Maybe I’ll edit if I think about more things. I hope the next year will be better…