With 96 orbs

Hey, I tested my luck today and …
It was far better than last year (with like 185 orbs and just a got +spd Zelgius) :anchin_sama:

Should I take Micaiah for the free one ? Or is it better to take Eliwood ? :thinking:
(btw got Micaiah with 13 orbs but eeeeh bad IVs)


She’s not -res. She could be fine. She has effective damage against cavs and armors… i dont think it’s going to matter


Okay, thanks for your reply :+1:
I think yeah, it’s more reasonable to take an another unit. She will surely come back later on a Leg Banner :thinking:

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Yep. I am definitely not pulling merges today at these rates. And i think the only bad iv worth rerollong on is -res anyway. But i think everyone should wait and test out her performance first before merging like crazy heh

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That’s what I thought,
let’s see how good she is even with that atk bane !
And Eliwood looks so powerful :bigbeauty:
Alm idk, he’s just strong and a premium Soleil (but Soleil is more cute :bigbeauty:)