With my most recent merge project (Kaden) being done, I want to decide my next merge project again!

I’ve got several merge candidates right now after merging Kaden. While I can merge them all further down the line, I want to have more specific priorities.

B!Eirika (again): With the Brave Banner rerun on right now, I could grab a spark and then wait for the next Hero Fest, so she would likely be the cheaper option. My intention would be to use her in Wind Season and beat the tar out of those pesky L!Sigurds.

Muspell (also again): My intention with Muspell is to use him in Fire Season. I had the idea that by using L!Hector and Kaden combined, he can become a SUPER TANK by stacking tons of Def and Res. Plus his dragon form is pretty rad. He might be easier to get since he’s likely getting the banner re-run at some point so I can grab a spark copy.

Fallen Berkut (also again): Fallen Berkut would mainly be because I REALLY like his character (and stuff related to Duma of course), since his weapon is a little awkward to use since of the after combat dmg to allies. But if I were to merge him, I had considerations for Aether Raids Light Season perhaps.

Duo Ephraim: This one is probably the hardest to get because while I already have 2 copies, he VERY rarely shows up. He also is a consideration for Wind Season as well.

Sothis: Since I’ve been playing 3H again, so I’ve been thinking of using her since I like her character a lot. She could be easier to merge in the future (since I have 3 copies and she will eventually show up on Remix Banners). I could do with improving my AR Defence team too, so she could be nice.

Seiros: Now this one would be the BIGGEST dedication out of the bunch and would take the most orbs, but with me playing 3H I’ve grown to really like her character! Practicality wise I already have a +10 Anima mythic so she isn’t exactly necessary, but she’s grown to be one of my favourite characters.

  • B!Eirika (Wind Season)
  • Muspell (Fire Season)
  • Fallen Berkut (AR Light)
  • Duo Ephraim (Wind Season)
  • Sothis (AR D Dark)
  • Seiros (AR D Anima)

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Now I could try having 2 merge projects and slowly merge them both over time, but I’ll prioritise whichever is the highest result.


Sothis for favoritism (and she’ll probably be getting a remix soonish) and B!Eirika for gameplay (I mean, I also like Eirika though)


Out of curiosity where does each of them sit currently in terms of merges? Because while naturally I’m going to say Eirika due to bias and her also just being really good, I’m curious about the others too.


Well, B!Eirika is +2, Muspell is +1, Fallen Berkut is +2, Duo Ephraim is +1, Sothis is +2, and I have no Seiros copies.


I voted BEirika because she is the cheapest option for you, BUT my heart is with FBerkut. Whenever he gets a refine i hope it is as cool as this alt of him :sneezing_face:


I see. Well since they’re all more are less on equal footing in that regard I say Eirika for practicality reasons and Berkut for favoritism reasons.


Didn’t know you were a berkut fan halo

I could be wrong, but I think Halo was just hitting at the fact op mentioned he likes Berkuts character


I’m not particularly, but they said they are. What Vader said basically.