Without Earthpower is Therian Landorus still the top tier Ground attacker in Pokémon go?

Will the move set change effect of how you were planning on raiding Landorus? I was originally planning on using all my saved up coins on remote passes but without earth power Im considering to keep saving my coins. I have around 20 premium passes so will just use those during raid hour most likely.

Mud Shot/Earthquake still makes it the top Ground type attacker. In the future Primal Groudon and Mega Garchomp may surpass it but you can only have one Mega Garchomp in your team. We don’t know how Primal formes will be handled yet.

EDIT: It’s below Shadow Mamoswine but personally I don’t recommend using Shadow Mamoswine as a Ground type, use it as an Ice type.


Just gotta say: called it on Bulldoze! :rofl: Glad it also has Earthquake so its actually usable. Not too shabby IMHO and definitely still worth getting. Earth Power would only improve its standing incrementally and doesn’t really change where it currently sits anyway as the best Ground-type DPS (and arguably best Ground-type period). I will be raiding it fairly hard (by my standards). Nice to have some new PVE!


As others have already said, it’s still the top pick for Ground, even with the loss of Earth Power. That said, it’s not quite as attractive as it initially was. Earthquake is fine, but I, personally, don’t like relying on slow one-bar moves, and Bulldoze is pretty bad. So it will still be a very good attacker, but won’t be the powerhouse that it would have been with Earth Power.


Yes it is. Nothing changed in its ranking among ground types, only with a less coherent moveset. I’ll undoubtedly raid a bunch of it, but personally I see it less attractive than Thundurus-T.

The problem with Landorus in pve is the flying type, in most cases it hurts than help(against electrics it take aways the double resistance, and against heatran who is double weak to earth it takes aways the rock resistance), it will shine in some places but it certainly seems less attractive without the earth power.

Personally I will wait for Gible Cd(even if it takes a decade and in the end is only scratch) and precipite blade Groudon.

Gible CD is inevitable, but the exclusive move is possibly a dragon type one (Dragon Rush).

Landorus-T with Earth Power has 17.32 neutral DPS.
Landorus-T with Earthquake has 16.39 neutral DPS
Excadrill with Drill Run has 15.95 neutral DPS.
In other words, the DPS difference between Landorus-T’s two movesets is twice the DPS difference between Landorus-T with Earthquake and Excadrill with Drill Run.

Looks like I can continue saving money.

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Well, i am disappointed. Groudon still better in tdo and excadrill in dps (edit, not true, but in some scenarios they’re both better - e.g. dialga). Will still raid a lot to get XL for the other landorous and power up one good example for the ground squad

I agree, but I think it’ll be some time yet. At least, I think we’ll have to see Mega Garchomp come and go from raids first. There’s more money to be made for Niantic if people are enticed to do those raids for shots at a shiny Chomp, which they wouldn’t be if Gible CD happened first.

That said, I’d love to eat my words there and see a Gible CD in the near future!


The charge move nerf is annoying, but catching this thing will be a pain. Constatntly moves left or right, smaller circle and the sticky ball glitch is even worse with these things present.


Just missed one, uargh! Despite 18 balls and only golden berries…

  1. Yes, it’s still a great new pokemon. I will be raiding it relatively hard, but did convert much RC from by Ray binge and kept all candy from the Incarnate runs, so how many I do depends on how quickly I get a couple of good IV ones and/or what my lucky friend luck is like in the next few days.

  2. Catching it is tricky, but I’ve had worse and after my third one (lucky enough to catch all of them) I’ve got its range now.

Ultimately, it’s the most exciting thing to happen since shiny Tina-O. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. It’s a good duo as a raid, very comfortable theoretically on time with the right counters but hits hard enough to make it a bit more challenging than pokebattler would have you believe. I’ll enjoy seeing what sort of times I can make for this one.


I just got an invite and we lost with 5. I didn’t have time to make a 2nd team, however my auto pick chose ice for me, level 50 Glaceon, level 40 Articuno, mostly level 35 glaceon to fill other spots. Most other players had dragons bc boss had Bulldoze. They had Gyarados too it looked like, my 2nd squad auto came in with Dragonite, I tried to switch to a Mamoswine but it came in catching a charged move…think the invite was from Germany, guessing a sunny day there…geez would have to be to skew the auto selects. However regular players probably have those Dragonites powered and their ice don’t stand out in the formula

We seemed to be ahead at halftime, but especially when my dragon 2nd squad came in seemed to stall. In the end we got beat by a relative amount. I did mega Aboma but no reinvite, I’m not necessarily scared but maybe some of the others shellshocked

I guess this is good

Ouch. We had no problems with three, even 80secs left. That was with EQ, the most difficult attack. But the second draw is indeed not easy. I have a second ice squad, but it takes too long to scroll to it. Have to rearrange preselected parties. Wanna try a duo, but no one’s up for that here i guess :D

Somebody bailed at the end, so 6 turned into 5. The one that invited me stayed bc I could relobby. Maybe the one that invited some others was the one that bailed and some other players couldn’t relobby? I dunno.

I got an invite last night from Japan, 10 raiders and it took 65 to 70 seconds. So yeah, the math there isn’t as scary

Maybe they had tried earlier, clock was at 31 minutes, a failed attempt might have eaten up much of their ice and they didn’t health them right and/or stayed with an auto dragon team since they survive longer

The best ground type though, it’s less appealing than Thundurus-T to me. I didn’t feel shiny Giratina-O exciting either, I’d be much more excited to see the return of Dialga/Palkia, even without shiny.

Thundurus is the same league for me. Good, but not of super much usage. But that’s on a high level, each of them completes my electric/ground team, that’s ok.
On a side note, in some raids, normal landorous is a little bit better than the therian form (heatran for example)

After reading many opinions, I have got to the conclusion that Niantic Evil Inc. wants to replicated the Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos’ day, in which they got legacy moves on a three hours windows, with the Therian formes. They probably would gave them Wild charge, Fly and Earth Power as legacy moves.

I will take my chances with this theory, and only use the daily and the free remote passes I have kept to do Landorus, and if I get a 100% I will keep it until the legacy move is added to change it with an elite charge tm. Then when the Evil Landorus’ day arrive I probably will consume my gold on passes to get my six 15 attack IV team.

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Last night I just said the same in another post.

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