Wizards Unite Contest and Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

I am the new Site Co-Lead for Wizards Unite and I have some amazing news for you! I want to give you all an update on some amazing changes we have coming to Wizards Unite here at GamePress. One of them being a monthly contest! We will also be doing a giveaway each month. This means we will have both a giveaway and contest each month! I have everything outlined here in this article as well: https://wizardsunite.gamepress.gg/news/wizards-unite-gamepress-community-update

The first contest will be themed around Halloween, we would like you to take an AR picture of any foundable you choose and have it be Halloween themed. This can be spooky and creepy, or as fun as going trick or treating with your family and Luna! The choice is completely up to you. You have the entire month to submit your entries until 11:59pm Oct 31 EST.

You can enter in a number of ways; add them in the comments section of the above article, on discord in the channel for contest entries, submit them to the respective community thread, or send them on twitter via a tweet. If they are submitted after the deadline, sadly we will not be able to accept them. We will make a decision as a team and then announce the winner on Monday November 4. Announcements will be don on twitter, discord, on the thread we create, as well as in the comments here. In your submission please include the best way you would like us to reach out to you so we can send you your prizes!

To enter the giveaway portion simply comment below!

@LadyBrittany My apologies if this is a dumb question, but I’m asking for clarification. You said that this is a monthly contest AND a giveaway, correct? Does this entail that there will be two separate events, or is the monthly contest also the giveaway?

Again, my apologies for not understanding fully.

Nope we have both! A giveaway each month as well as a contest!

Awesome! Could you point me in the direction of the details for the giveaway, please and thank you?

You just comment here so youre in! :D I can edit the above so it is a bit more clear! If you click on the link it will have links for our twitter and discord as well and you can enter there for more chances!

I just found the Discord one, and entered there. I’ll hit Twitter in a moment. But first…

I’m officially entering the Giveaway. Thank you.

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Perfect! I hope you do the contest too, the prize is pretty awesome. I will make an official announcement on Wednesday when we have the details 100% ironed out! I am pretty excited to get both of these up and running!