Wo Gun + Wrath... Anyone use it?

I’m looking to fill out my infantry team with an axe user, and ideally I’d like to just drop bombs on opponents. So it brought me to this Wo Gun + Wrath combo. Does anyone use it? And with what unit? What seal? What about support units (i could inherit infantry rush 3 to a support unit)

Libra has this as his native weapon. Summer Ylgr had more speed tho. All thoughts welcome.

Really i just want to nuke opponents so if theres another better method for green infantry, I’m all ears. Thanks.

I use the sword version, Wo Dao and Wrath, on my Owain. It’s very fun.

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Generally speaking you’d rather drop bombs more often than slighty stronger bombs a bit latter. Meaning the Slaying weapons are usually prefered to the Wo weapons.
The main issue with the Wo weapons + Wrath combo being that other than when you actually activate your special, your weapon is just a worse silver weapon.
With that being said, if you have other means to accelerate special trigger, such as through B!Lucina’s refined weapon and/or a Blade skill, by all means try it. You can break the WT with true damage.
Summer Ylgr should be better as an offensive unit, while Libra should do better in EP.
Nvm, Libra is better by virtue of not using grails and having higher resistance. The few differences that differentiate a spd+ Libra from a S!Ylgr are not enough to truly justify the investment.

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Libra is typically better than Ylgr, in fact Ylgr is essentially a +Spd Libra, but with one more speed, defense, and 5 less resistance. Tactically speaking, there really is no point in merging her when Libra exists and doesn’t cost a resource that is so hard to obtain, and by hard I mean extremely time consuming (Grails).

As far as build, that depends. Wo Gun + Wrath is typically not that good, in fact the only unit that can actually make use of the combo effectively is Athena with her prf weapon.


An alternative combo would be to use a 2-charge special (Glimmer, Moonbow, Noontime, Reprisal, Fire Emblem, Regnal Astra or Ruptured Sky) and Special Spiral. You may lose some true damage, but you’ll get a much more constant trigger rate (once every fight after the first proc unless affected by a special cd reset).

For Libra… Given his moderatly high attack stat, Moonbow might be slightly better for nuking high defense units. Low defense units should already die from his attack and the +10 from Wo Gun.
For a tankier build, Noontime is a very good option, since it takes into account the +10 when calculating the heal. You’ll always get healed of at least 3 hp, unless the opponent has Shield Pulse and triggered its special.

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