Wolt rolling thread

I’ve been saving up orbs in the mail for awhile for :feh_casparshark:, but it’s taken awhile for him to come out. So before he got here, I decided to spend however much I had saved up on Wolt and then keep the rest for the future. For 550 orbs, I think it was a little worse than average? But still overall satisfied. I started with a +5 Wolt (+3 from debut and +5 from rerun) with a goal of 5 more Wolts. From my summons I got:

1 S!Lyn (fodder? +Atk-Spd) free summon
1 Hubes (+Atk-Def, very excited since my old was -Atk)
1 Gray (merge)
1 Sonya (merge)
2 Lilina (merge to +1 then fodder broadleaf)
1 Lethe (+Spd-Res)
1 Surtr (fodder)
5 Wolt :feh_faecheer:

Bold, Brazen, Beautiful

This build is pretty straight forward, and very brave. brave + double brazen + rouse and desperation for self-sufficient = pain. Luna because big damage with not enough stats. This is the one I’ve been running on him before, partly because I’m a broke bitch.
High Woltage

This is the brave bow offensive lite version. The idea is to trade damage output, for ease of use. Unfortunately right now, it still takes 2 instances of combat assuming Wolt was undamaged to apply the brazens and desperation. But seeing how seals have been progressing, I think a fury seal is possible in the future to change that into one. Only other change besides the bow, and future seal, is his special. With a fury bow instead of brave boy, glimmer will work out better for him.

I don't need friends they disappoint me

This is an easy to use build that fully utilizes his defense stat so that he can survive more hits, especially on defense. May switch to a healing special, but it feels weird on a non-CC unit. Will also probably switch to Atk Smoke seal, once I level it. The Lull and 65 Speed with no way for others to increase their Atk or Spd gives for a lot of general staying power. And the hit to his own attack isn’t all that huge with it staying at 68, without moonbow. Definitely one of my favorites to use.

Roy's Boy

This is the most general use of the builds that require no set up whatsoever. Specifically for Cav emblem, which is where I default him too so he can pair with his husband on a horse.

For Lain (*fanfic warning*)


Wolt, a young green boy devastated by his lack of strength to protect our boy, went off to go train in the mountains to become strong. He fished, he hunted, he did one-handed push ups (they suck don’t do them), but felt no improvement in his skill and strength. Just when he had given up hope, by a chance encounter he met him. The one and only hero, strongest warrior in existence, Clive.

Clive: You’ve trained awfully hard up here by yourself. I think you have the potential to learn my ultimate technique. Do you think you’re ready for it?

Wolt: Y-Yes! Bring it o- wait… what is it?


Wolt: ■■■■■■■ Ophelia

I gotta work my way up back to where I was from mail orbs, but overall very worth it would +10 seasonal 5 star again.






Congrats mate! All those builds looks great :feh_nino:

especially the last one


Dang it’s really been a whole year!

Congrats WOOOOOOLT!!!


42 orbs per 5* is pretty good too