Working as intended? - Premier Cup vs GBL

I have a Research task to Win in the GO Battle League. I won a match in Premier Cup and the task didn’t complete. I have to wonder if this is intended and not made clear or a bug.

Its not a bug. I can’t find the thread on Reddit, but someone messaged Niantic support and the response they got was that PC doesn’t count for the task.

Ugh, I’m frustrated with Niantic lately about their lack of transparency. First I encounter Shadow Entei instead of Shadow Suicune because Niantic failed to disclose if you encountered Giovanni via Pokestop on July 10th you won’t get Suicune and Support tells me they won’t give me a new Super Rocket Radar. Now when you click Battle and the screen says Go Battle League, and the screen tells you to choose a reward tier to enter the Go Battle League, then screen says Welcome to GO Battle League, if you choose Premier Cup you’re not actually in the GO Battle League…

What’s next?

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Niantic Shadow Entei Tweet

They gave a warning about it, but unfortunately it was on Twitter, not in game news. Niantic doesn’t realize that not everyone follows them on social media or wants to make a Twitter account.

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For real though! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I really hope they don’t make the next CD based on Twitter votes like the last one. I’m not making a Twitter account just to vote on some stupid Pokémon.

hilairously enough, Twitter is the only form of social media i use and i STILL never ever see updates from Niantic in time to adjust my play smfh :joy:

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