World of Oripathy, Strife, and Chess Pieces (Fanfiction)

Kal’tsit: “…and that concludes my report for this month.”
Doctor: […]
Kal’tsit: “If there is nothing else, then I will prepare the Messengers for our next Contingency Contract.”
Doctor: [“Can’t you just tell me, Kal’tsit?”]
Kal’tsit: “What, this again? Did operator W tell you something new? I thought we’ve been over this. Memories can not be forced back. Especially not yours. If I- if anyone- had, at best you’d end up with a moderate depression. At worst, you’d end up with dissociative identity. Or maybe you would prefer spending your days trying to harm yourself and raving like a madman?”
Doctor: [“You don’t think I can handle it right now?”]
Kal’tsit: “Frankly, no. What we did these recent months are nothing compared to what we did in the past. I will never disclose the full extent of your record before you regain the reasoning that had led you to them.”
Doctor: [“And the judge of that-”]
Kal’tsit: “Would be me, yes. Are you that desperate to take Rhodes Island’s helm again?”
Doctor: [“I just don’t see how what we’re doing can end the discrimination against the infected.”]
Kal’tsit: “…Doctor, do you know why governments around the world still refuse to treat the infected?”
Doctor: […]
Kal’tsit: “Because they are a minority. Can you believe that, Doctor? Despite being a terminal infectious disease, they do not spread quickly. Not anymore, at least. Oripathy used to be highly contagious in the past when we have not discovered their vectors, and more importantly, how to properly cremate deceased patients.”
Kal’tsit: “That doesn’t mean oripathy used to bring the world together. Far from it. The discrimination you see right now is worlds better than what they did to the infected in the past. You see ostracization today, but in the past, it was a witch hunt. And the witches were overwhelmingly more numerous than the hunters.”
Kal’tsit: “It was pure chaos. Quarantine zones were martially enforced. Contact tracings were done by elite task forces. Terra’s population were cut in half.”
Kal’tsit: “Compared to back then, Rhodes Island had already improved the welfare of the infected significantly. Even before we had this landship, we published papers, studies about oripathy. Once countries around the world developed proper protocols, the witch hunt stopped. And that was a short step behind where we are right now. Ostracized, but not hunted down anymore.”
Doctor: [“And the next step would be equality, right?”]
Kal’tsit: “If only it was that simple. How are you planning to espouse equality when one of the infected’s basic need is a resource-intensive medication regiment? Originium chelation agents, transfusion and hemodialysis, and not to mention the symptomatic medications like painkillers and antihypertensive, and the diagnostic imaging procedures.”
Doctor: […]
Kal’tsit: “Simply put, it’s too much effort for too few people. Why put out expensive life supports for them when you can conveniently let them die out in the woods? It’s cheap, and the lives lost are negligible.”
Doctor: [“And this goose chase against Reunion is supposed to convince the world to help them?”]
Kal’tsit: “It is a step in that direction. For starters, it’s impossible to garner sympathy for the infected when their largest formal representation is an extremist group. If we are able to stamp them out, the infected can all rally under Rhodes Island and start building a reputable image to the rest of the world.”
Doctor: [“Is it not easier to give Reunion their demands? The hostilities only started because they were oppressed in the first place, right?”]
Kal’tsit: “It’s not that simple. Giving into their demands will never stop them. You might have forgotten, but it was you that discovered the instigator behind the Reunion movement. This instigator have never had the interests of the infected at heart.”
Doctor: [“Talulah didn’t… create Reunion to help the infected?”]
Kal’tsit: “It… doesn’t have to be Talulah specifically. The strings stretch higher than that. You told me to think about this back then: Do you really think a global uprising against the overpowering majority, the world’s government, is a sound tactic to make a place where the infected can belong?”
Doctor: [!!]
Kal’tsit: “Of course not. The best case scenario for them is making everyone on Terra infected, or annihilating anyone not infected. And their worst case is they get annihilated themselves. Such a high stake for an unsustainable goal, is it not?”
Kal’tsit: “Many member of Reunion understood this. In fact, I would wager none of them wanted world domination. Most of them only wanted a place to belong, or a cause worth dying for.”
Doctor: [“Old man…”]
Kal’tsit: “Though it might look like a wild goose chase, Reunion is our only lead to this instigator behind the scenes. We can only do our best to crack down the strings attached to Talulah. And I, as one of Rhodes Island executives, am doing just that, I assure you.”
Kal’tsit: “First, we stop Reunion. Then we take this instigator out of the picture. Only then can we start convincing the public that it’s worth saving the infected.”
Doctor: [“Are you really planning to do that all by yourself?”]
Kal’tsit: “Amiya understood the full extent of our plan, and have agreed to walk with us every step of the way. If you intend to shoulder this too, then I suggest you recover in a timely manner.”
Doctor: […]
Kal’tsit: “I do believe there is nothing else. If you’d excuse me.”

Kal’tsit left the meeting room
Kal’tsit: (“What a farce… “I will never disclose the full extent of your record before you regain the reasoning that had led you to them”? That’s practically saying I’d never actively return his memory, isn’t it?”)
Kal’tsit: (“No. The current arrangement is preferable. He had set this landship’s bearing towards the destination. All I have to do is make sure it’s going straight as smoothly as possible. Yes, this is the most painless solution for the both of us.”)
Kal’tsit: (“The player might be away, but this game is practically won. He made sure of it. Even if I’m only one piece of the board, I should be able to manage this much. There’s no need for him to dirty his hands again…”)
Kal’tsit: ("…Do I really intend to shoulder this all by myself after all? Maybe… maybe I am the fool…")