Worst and best Charged moves


Just for the sake of making good, productive discussion…

What do you guys think are the best and worst charged moves?

For my candidates for the best, in no particular order:

Meteor Mash (turned Metagross from a below average attacker into a top level generalist on its own), Wild Charge, Grass Knot, Hydro Cannon and Dynamic Punch

For my candidates for the worst, in no particular order:

Shadow Sneak, Gyro Ball, Hyper Beam, Water Pulse, Low Sweep, Earthquake


All three of the community day moves for starters are pretty ridiculous, so I would add Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn to the list of top moves. I would also include Outrage, Shadow Ball, and Avalanche, as they’re all the top picks as far as charge moves go for their type.

As for worst moves, I’d add Poison Fang, Twister, and Wrap to the list. They’re pretty darn bad. And of course, for gyms/raids, the new PvP moves (Acid Spit, Leaf Tornado, Power-up Punch) are just awful. I realize the latter three are meant to be used in PvP battles where their status effect modifications can shine, but it would have been nice if they were at least somewhat viable outside of PvP.


I agree Acid Spit and Leaf Tornado are pretty useless outside PvP, but Power-Up Punch isn’t that bad. Lucario with Counter/Close Combat has 14.38 DPS compared with Counter/Power-Up-Punch having 14.26 - neither great but at least with a fast charging 1 bar move he might get an extra couple of hits in. Yes Dynamic Punch would be significantly better, but when you add in Lucario’s Steel resistance - there are niche uses when he’s a viable fighting type.


I would add psycho boost into the worst category, because that’s the reason why deoxys didn’t get a chance to be the best meta defining psychic type glass cannon but no it didnt happen. If it had gotten a good psychic charge move,it could have neutral DPS as high, or even higher than rayquaza. And yes shadow sneak prevented Giratina from being a really good and bulky ghost attacker. Oh what a shame.


Brave Bird, Heat Wave, and Megahorn have to be the worst…


Hydro Cannon is easily the best - charges up decently fast, has good power and excellent cooldown
Acid Spray is by far the worst - pathetic damage and takes forever to execute
Its a bit better in PvP, but still nothing that can make a Pokemon


Recent PvP moves aside, I’m echoing the above statement that Psycho Boost and Shadow Sneak leave the most sour taste in my mouth. Both moves severely crippled the potential of their users with Psycho Boost being arguably worse since it’s a Pokemon’s signature move.

If they didn’t want to give Giratina-O Shadow Ball because it would completely wreck the PvP meta they could at least buff Shadow Sneak’s PvE stats to make it competitive, maybe make it a PvE ghost-type clone of Leaf Blade. Buffing moves for a Pokemon’s return isn’t something they haven’t done before.

EDIT: Disregard last paragraph, did not see the news about Giratina-O getting Shadow Ball. Happy days!


Blast Burn, Dragon Claw, Frenzy Plant, Rock Slide, Hydro Cannon, Meteor Mash, Dynamic Punch, Shadow Ball, X-Scissor, Wild Charge, Drill Run, Sludge Bomb, Dazzling Gleam, Sky Attack, Future Sight, Body Slam
Heat Wave, Twister, Leaf Tornado, Ancient Power, Aqua Jet, Gyro Ball, Submission, Shadow Sneak, Megahorn, Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Acid Spray, Disarming Voice, Brave Bird, Psycho Boost, Vice Grip


Do you think Giratina-O with Shadow Ball would wreck the PvP meta? I see it losing against Giratina-A in Ultra League under the current same, and I would argue that the shield usage would always be against Giratina-O with Shadow Ball… I wish I knew how to use the simulator better :confused: but my impression is that it would still be very disputed throne if you account for the loss of bulk (hence TDO).

For PvE though… that would be an incredible addition… and a reason to actually go for it.


Its drastically different, Its best PVP moveset is Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak and Ominous Wind (NOT Dragon Pulse, Ominous Wind can buff you.) Altered will still beat it in Ultra League and Masters League it will behave much differently too.


Changes to Giratina-O’s moveset shown here: https://i.imgur.com/fR5jc6a.png


  • Dragon Tail
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Ominous Wind
  • Shadow Ball


  • Dragon Breath
  • Dragon Claw
  • Ancient Power
  • Shadow Sneak


  • Shadow Claw


Many move that i like in PvP or Raids situation, many that i think oh well atleast t has some use.
The obvious would be starter excusive CD moves along with some other
One thing stand out as my most hated Charge moves in PoGo, Eathquake
How on earth it is a one bar moves with only meh damage. And the strongest type in ground pokemon only can learn earthquake for its charge moves.


Brave Bird and Megahorn actually have really high DPS. True, damage per hit isn’t as high, but they are still viable when time is the enemy. In PvP its evened out more and they are pretty decent charge moves (on a par with Flamethrower and Ice Beam).

Heat Wave is still awful.


Raw charge move DPS isn’t that relevant though, especially for single bar charge attacks. If it were then we’d see a lot more use for Thunder and Close Combat, moves that have higher raw DPS than the preferred Wild Charge and Dynamic Punch.


Best and worst from each type(I’m going to focus on the raiding aspect since PvP is not popular in my area)

Best: X-scizor and bug buzz are by far the best
Worst: Megahorn is just meh, it should have been a decent 2 bar move, so that Heracross would have been useful. And no, just cause it’s regional, doens’t mean it should have been nerfed with the moveset.

Best: Foul Play no doubt
Worst: Night Slash is the worst, but compared to the worst from the other types, I’d say it’s the one that sucks the least.

Best: Wild charge is great
Worst: Thunder is a weak one bar move and Zap Cannon is also rather underwhelming.

Best: Sludge bomb is great and Gunk shot is fun
Worst: Acid spray by far, what an utter joke of a move. Come on Niantic…
Poison fang is also very bad.

Best: Dynamic punch, no doubt
Worst: Submission is quite bad, Power up punch fails to deliver, so do Low sweep, cross chop and some others which are thankfully mostly stuck to pre-evolutions.

Best: Play rough, followed by Dazzling Gleam. Both great moves.
Worst: Draining Kiss and Disarming voice are super weak and never should have been charge moves to begin with, but instead should have been implemented as fast moves, which would fix the fast move problem with fairies for nearly every species

Best: Drill run is the only good ground charge move, but not a single ground pokemon has it… Seriously Niantic, what’s the logic behind this? And why does Fearow have this attack, but rhyperior doesn’t have it?
Worst: More or less everything left is both slow and/or weak. This typing needs a serious rework. May Earth Power be with you.

Best: Sky Attack, no doubt
Worst: Brave bird takes forever to charge and is just impractical to use. Air cutter is the weakest move though, but at least it doesn’t get added by default to nearly every species of this type.

Best: Blast burn is great, followed by Overheat, which is surprisingly good for a one charge bar move.
Worst: Heat wave is bad, so are Flame charge, flame burst and other really weak moves, that no meta relevant species has… some of them should have been fast moves(ho-oh… cough). Fire Blast gets an honorable mention for being very slow and impractical.

Best: Hydro cannon is quite OP. Surf is also great and is way more consistent than Hydro Pump, which isn’t bad either
Worst: Water pulse kind of kills any potential for those water pokemon that are stuck with that move.

Best: Frenzy plant is great. Grass Knot/Power whip are right behind it.
Worst: Energy ball kind of lacks what its name suggests. Leaf tornado is also an addition that we could have lived without.

Best: Avalanche is amazing
Worst: Icy Wind and Aurora beam are very weak

Best: Body slam I guess
Worst: Vice grip more or less is just placed in the movepool, so that people TM a species, since it’s a weak and very useless move

Best: Outrage no doubt. Dragon claw is weaker, but very consistent, plus it charges up fast
Worst: Twister is technically the worst, but no evolved dragon type is stuck with it and it really doesn’t hinder anyone in the game… So I’d pick Draco Meteor, for being perhaps one of the most impractical moves in the game. Sure it hits hard, but it takes forever to charge, has a long cooldown and the dragon probably won’t be able to use it another time, since it will faint before it has a chance. Because of that I’m not powering up dragons that are stuck with this move.

Best: Future sight all the way. Perhaps the best one bar charge move in the game
Worst: Psycho boost is terrible. Mirror Coat is a joke move. Psybeam is a very weak 2 bar move, that really needs a buff. Psychic is the default move and a rather underwhelming one at that.

Best: Rock slide all the way.
Worst: Ancient power is terrible and is there just to burn TMs…

Best: Shadow ball is the only good ghost charge move and a great one at that
Worst: Shadow sneak is a a very bad joke…

Best: Meteor mash no doubt, but from the regular ones Heavy Slam is quite good, so is Iron head. Magnet Bomb lacks a proper user, otherwise, it would be quite great. In other words, Magnezone would need a fast steel move and then it should be given this move.
Worst: Flash cannon is terrible and so is Gyro Ball. Considering how the first cripples a non MM Metagross, it really should be avoided at any cost.


Sludge Wave also really sucks too.

Close Combat is overrated (which is saying a lot, since nobody thinks highly of it to begin with). It’s basically Fighting type Brave Bird. Weak, one bar. I’d say it belongs in the discussion for worst Fighting charged move.


At least Fire Blast is strong. Heatran is still one of the best Fire types basing its set around Fire Blast. While it generally is a poor move (and Heatran would be miles better with Overheat or maybe Flamethrower) I don’t think it belongs in the same discussion as crap like Heat Wave.

I’m also not really a big Seed Bomb fan. Not gonna say Seed Bomb belongs in the same breath as Leaf Tornado, but it’s a two bar charged move in a three bar charged move’s body, which also is pretty weak. It does have defensive use, so I guess there’s that.

I am stunned that you forgot to mention Hyper Beam as the worst. I’d rather have Vicegrip than Hyper Beam.


Hyper beam at least does damage if it hits, vice grip even fails at that, even if you spam it. However HB is given to a lot of species just to burn TMs, so yeah. it’s a bad move


My level 30 Porygon-Z’s Hyperbeam is a total nuke…I mean, someone’s gotta use it.


Dragon Pulse is much worse than Draco Meteor, it is a direct downgrade of Outrage with LESS damage and similar speed.


Taking forever to charge is a symptom of the fast move its paired with, assuming we’re talking about charge moves with the same energy requirement. Might as well kick Stone Edge and Hydro Pump to the curb for taking forever to charge too because Tyranitar’s Smack Down and Kyogre’s Waterfall have pitiful energy gain.