Worst possible community day?

I am sure roggenrola is not too far off the mark.

We need something

  • With no redemption in PVP in any league, probably because the typing and stats are so bad that even with the best possible moveset would get trashed by most of the meta.

  • Just not usable in PVP, roggenrola could be an ok rock attacker if you just installed the game in the last 6 months and did not have RW rhyperion, Smacktar and Rampardors… I guess our winner will need to be worst than this. Ideally even a shadow version of this pokemon should be bad so the candy is useless in itself.

  • Bad looking? Radioactive green shadow? not a fun’s favorite in general.

  • No mega evolution

  • Not a rare catch in the wild, so the pokemon has no collector value.

Any other criteria? what would be your pick?

We had already a lot worse than the semi-PvE-usable gigalith, which has an awesome shiny:
Just to name a few old ones: Pikachu, mareep, sceptile, (turtwig), slakoth!!, seedot, magmortar(!). I’d argue it can’t get worse than slakoth. (maybe on par)

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Gigalith now is strictly better than regular Tyranitar. You can check Teban54’s analysis on Silph Road. Although Tyranitar has shadow and mega, they’re doomed to get outclassed by future shadow Rhyperior/Gigalith and Mega Diancie. I hardly catch Larvitar recently, the candy is worthless.

No arguments with your criteria.

Slakoth definitely the worst. Not just for the day but for the weeks afterwards with people using their “amazing new 4k CP pokemon” in raids.

Porygon - useless before, useless after.

Magmar-Electabuzz double-header - let’s take two species that have been out forever, one that can’t really be improved and one that can and let’s give them both terrible moves. Like being kicked in the bollocks and punched in the face simultaneously.

Eevee round 2 - a populist CD, just release their new PvP moves in a new season and give us something that anyone who’s been playing more than 3 months hasn’t already got in abundance.

Stufful - 7 minutes in and your CD is over. CD move is shocking and it’s been a regular spawn since. I’m no fan of new species CDs, it’s like buying a brand new Merc, as soon as it’s off the forecourt it’s depreciated so much it’s depressing.

I can’t complain about the starter CDs, they’re just going to happen. Mareep at least gave M-Ampharos a dragon charge move.

I admire your hate for Tyranitar :smiley: Still, it’s one of the best, most-used in my squad. Both, shadow dark and shadow rock Ttar. The normal is worthless (until Mega comes out, so let’s wait for that analysis), I agree, but the shadow version is great. The dark version especially for ghost rockets :smiley:

@Oaf - at least porygon is cool spice in some pvp matches. And yes, I forgot about Mega-Ampharos. That says a lot :D

Shadow Tyranitar being worse than regular Hydreigon says a lot. Regret having invested in one. You can definitely still use it, but it’s not among the best by any means. I don’t really hate Tyranitar, it’s just a shame of pseudo-legendary unfortunately.

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It’s even better than CD hydreigon in most situations, mate ;)

What about possible awful community days?

Yawn rattata anybody?

Psyshock meowstic

Going to be “that guy” but Dragon Pulse was especially useless. No Dragon fastmove and Mega Char-X came out before it anyway so even less reason to run it as a Dragon-type. That CD was worthless unless (like me at the time) you just wanted a new/better Electric raider.

I think the difficulty now is that almost anything can be seen as pvp spice.

Persian maybe? Buneary? Or Tauros?

Lopunny at least has a Mega evolution, and we’re not likely to see a better fighting type Mega for a while

…and there’s that difficulty again, practically everything has some value for someone.

Deerling Community Day FT…something…!

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I definitely think we got stoned by the recent one, but the not as experienced player base in my area was actually excited (after that I tried to explain competitive raiding teams and pvp IVs). Personally if they did anything with similarly terrible abilities in PvP and raiding I’d skip it.

Just realised I’m away 15/10, busy until at least 14:30 then 90 minute drive home. I’ll be in a city - same one I got my shundo gible last year, so maybe it’s a good women. Lucky trade shiny for me if not.

If it got a cheap baity charge move or a good energy generation fast move it’ll be spice.

Double Kick + either Seed Bomb or Grass Knot would definitely made Sawsbuck better. Not sure how competitive it would be, though.

The issue with having a CD is the seasonal forms—would only the current form appear or would all four forms appear during the event? The former might be unfair, but the latter would be kind of weird.

A more likely deer for a CD would be Stantler, since it has a yet-to-be-released evolution (Wyrdeer) with its own signature move, the defense-boosting Psyshield Bash. Maybe around Christmas?


It would need lock on to be ok :joy:
Or at least leaf blade…

December usually is a rerun of all CDs of the year though :thinking: