Worst possible community day?

Surf Pikachu Community was probably the worst, but it was likely a test event for future Community Days. You couldn’t evolve it without losing Surf (trust me, I tried) and it did zero favors for either meta.

The Electivire/Magmortar also was terrible, but I’d also vote up Mamoswine since Ancient Power did absolutely nothing in either PvE or PvP. Ancient Power is a weak move in PvE that doesn’t get STAB and in PvP, Bulldoze lets it get more relevant coverage even if it’s a bad move, not to mention STAB. In short, Mamoswine was already relevant before getting Ancient Power.

Gallade with Synchronoise are useless. Psychic is a superior move in PvE, and it runs the already-powerful Close Combat and Leaf Blade. It did help Gardevoir get a cheaper charged attack in PvP, but that’s the only notable improvement.

You’re forgetting the shiny and relevance thing when talking about community days: mamoswine we all had to collect a lot of candies back then to push the mammoth for raids (or ML), so that was still a brilliant community day. Pikachu, yes, true, as a first we can make an exception. Gallade/ralts, see mamoswine, also nice since there are two evolutions and Gardevoir is still ok for raids. And a nice shiny plus the move is okish in pvp for Gardevoir. But this I missed unfortunately.

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If my memory serves me right Swinub community day was in february 2019 and ML (PvP season 1) wasn’t started until March 2020 so we played it to get the best dragon slayer but not with it’s community day move :wink:
Ralts I believe had it’s CD in the summer of 2019.

Ah, thanks. I just remember that I (re-)started shortly before swinub day and I remember that PvP already started back then. Anyway, I know that people were out catching like crazy, it was also very nice, sunny, even warm weather at least in the northern half of Germany. Ralts I just missed because of holiday? Dunno, I was sad, but finally caught a single shiny one during the repeat CD.

Ditto on that. Biggest disappointment out of Roggenrola CD was not getting a shiny for myself :sob:

Gallade/Gardevoir was pretty sad 'cause they buffed Psychic literally weeks after the CD :upside_down_face: :rofl:

But if we’re picking worst CD, Slakoth gotta be up there. Not a good shiny, didn’t make it good in any way (not even really as a gym defender since Play Rough was almost as spammy and hit for SE). I remember we were all sitting with baited breath hoping for Scratch or something…but no… :sloth:


My memory can fail, but wasnt swinub CD the day mamoswine made it’s debut? It wasnt about the move (reference to main series games, piloswine evolves upon learning ancient power) but the Pokémon. It was also 12 candy per swinub, and the ice squads got upgraded forever. I personally rank swinub CD as S+ alongside beldum, rhyhorn and similar.
Worst CD was Slaking, no doubt about it.


Could very well be!! Think I read about that. Probably even one of the best CDs that way. Was there any other mon introduced like this? Basically a good idea.

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Certainly was. A great CD for me, because I got the means of destroying Ray and because the move was absolutely useless, there was no panic about evolving on the day. Weather was pretty good for a February in the UK too as I remember.


Yup. Stufful and its evolution Bewear, back in April or May if I recall correctly.

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Yep, thanks. Not very useful, but somehow I like it, i always have to laugh when I face it in GBL :D
And i built a slight XL one for gyms (and maybe one day for ML classic?)

I liked the method of releasing new Pokemon via community day, but its move was bad.

Dusknoir is underrated, but with shadow ball, it can trouble Bastiodon, and 2 shadow balls can wipe it out, as most players won’t take shields for 1st shadow ball. I had extensively used it in Sinnoh Cup.

Considering its good defense and low HP in actual basis, why it is not treated like Toxapex( not same ) ? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Problem with dusknoir is that it is just a worse version of all other shadow ball ghosts - and there are plenty ;) (btw, two shadow balls are not enough for bastiodon, or do you mean two SB can wipe out dusknoir? Which might be erased by just one)
Toxapex on the other hand is quite unique. But what do you mean by “treated similar”?

Yes, that was an exaggeration :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: .

But many Bastiodon’s user are overconfident about its defense. In Sinnoh Cup, I had threatened them by Dusknoir with SB, in which the Bastiodon was all sudden in the situation of either getting eliminated, or had to commit 2 shields.

Having better stat product.

It has good defense, acceptable attack. Some better fast attack could do some benefit in its performance.