Worst Research Ever?

Opening caveat: This is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, not one of those threads that used to spawn from he-who-must-not-be-named…

Is the Misunderstood Mischief the worst research ever? When I read it at the start I thought “great, another theme along the same lines as the L40+ stuff or the post-Kanto quest” something that will give the everyday grind a bit of meaning for a while, at least so far as a mobile phone game played predominantly by adults can have meaning anyway.

Having waited how long…about 400 years I think, since the last menial task, what do I get when I have a quick break from work this morning? Something to take my mind off the never-ending dirge that it my job in the legal sector? No, it’s the PoGo equivalent of breathing, something I lose the will to do when I see this “quest”: Catch a common spawn, throw a berry at your buddy and something else that has already left my brain because it actually found the inner workings of the Montreal Convention governing international airline disputes more entertaining. So that’s it until the next ice age when, presumably, we’ll have to turn on the game or maybe send a gift perhaps?

I remember when niantic couldn’t think of something to bulk out a task so they made us spin a stop x days in a row, or catch a pokemon x days in a row or build a gyarados or something. Even the catch a ditto, that made me, a grown man, want to cry and/or start playing candy crush at points was better than this. Where has it gone so wrong from the first half of the year when quests actually were really questy? They were like good sausages, 90% quest, 10% rusk and now its the quest equivalent of a Rustlers burger (it’s a shit microwavable burger that tastes of less than the box it comes in for those who don’t know UK food atrocities).

We’re now in the PoGO equivalent of kids being told to eat their sprouts before they can have any dessert. Or, the famous army phrase “hurry up and wait!!!” So, whilst I’m confident I’ve answered my own question and this is, without doubt, the laziest quest ever produced. can anyone think of any worse, more boring or badly thought out quests?


It is very disappointing. I was excited for a long Research line but I didn’t expect it to be 3 tasks each week.

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Not a research but for me the worst by far is the level 43 into 44 quest of battling a million shadows…

Fighting the fashion dog seems as boring and repetitive to be honest.


Didn’t expect something, so I was not disappointed ;) best you can do with niantic. So, personally i don’t care. I just wonder why they didn’t make more out of it, even like it is now - they could throw in some storylines, messages from the professor. On the upside, being in academia, it really resembles the “waiting for a result” feeling ;)

“Fighting The Fashion Dog” is the name of my new post-screamcore-indie-garage rock band.