Worst Research Ever

It took me 5 minutes to complete the latest instalment of the Misunderstood Mischief so that’s that for the next 2-3 weeks.

Got me thinking , remove the reward pokemon from the equation, purely on the gameplay experience and tasks themselves, what’s been the worst research ever? No specific scoring system, what’s the one you enjoyed least, hated most or just plain thought it was rubbish?

My candidates are: The above Mischief one, it’s barely research but it’s strung out over 3 months. It doesn’t deserve the name research.

But, the Mischief one isn’t frustrating so my winner; Meltan -it had catch a ditto and about another 3 or 4 catch/evolve stuff that was so rare it was practically impossible if you didn’t manage to do them all inside the event week - which the early ditto task meant I didn’t.

Meltan was hands-down the worst.

You kinda had to get it all done in the week when everything was spawning that you needed to catch and if you didn’t it took forever. Plus, all you got was a Meltan which was garbage by itself if you didn’t have a Nintendo Switch. All that hassle just for a dex entry.


At the start of PoGo you used to have every pokemon available with different probabilities.

Now it all seems event based, there is either a load of dratini around or none at all.

It is all FoMo, if you don’t complete the tasks during the event because you started playing late or just couldn’t/didn’t want to then your are stuck with them for a VERY long time.

I personally lost interest in them and unless the rewards are truly great (not a pokedex entry with useless IV and no candy to evolve) I do not bother anymore, they will autocomplete eventually… maybe… hopefully…

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The spawn changes make sense though. When there were only 150* things spawning (and evolved forms being quite rare) it wasn’t hard to see any one 'mon enough to get and evolve a good one. But now that there are hundreds of potential spawns, its a huge problem to juggle that many and have it feel like you can find literally anything. :woozy_face: I think the season and weather changes in particular really helped the spawn pool feel usable instead of entirely unmanageable. And event spawns factor into that a lot too. No matter our particular thoughts on it, there has to be a way to limit the stuff spawning at any one time. Recent quests have been better about featuring categories of 'mon instead of just one or two random/rare spawns. I think Niantic learned a bit from the melt-down over the Meltan research. :wink:

*give or take a few with regionals, legendaries, etc.


Not sure… my alt is still on the first ghost task and I feel it may take several halloweens until it catches 150 ghosts.

Niantic can’t really win, makes them too easy and hardcore players moan about the lack of challenge, make them too hard and casual players will moan about them being difficult.

Maybe they should have 3 different tasks with 3 different rewards for each event. Casual, regular, hardcore?

I could do with chosing the hardcore in my main and the casual in the other two.

I think there can be a balance, I think as long as there’s progress, a task is still likely enjoyable. It’s the outright roadblocks that I hated, like the meltan one,where I absolutely knew there wasn’t an X out there.

After that, within reason, playstyles are rewarded accordingly. Hardcore players have to expect to complete research more quickly than casual players who, in turn, need to accept it might take longer, but that’s true across the wider game.

I don’t think you can take alts into account either, we decide to start a 2nd account, so we know we have to do everything twice (or 3, 4,5 etc).

The seasons and events, albeit I still think the latter all but overwrite the former, although the 2-3 day gaps do let you see some season spawns, between them mean you’re never long without seeing a type of whatever description. Rockets help too, you can find most types in there if you need them desperately.

I still don’t really see the point in the current Mischief research, we get it, we’re getting something at the end of November, but by the time it gets there, it’s been dangled for that long it’s almost guaranteed to be a disappointment. It’s a bit like when someone pisses themselves laughing for 5 minites at a YouTube video or a joke they’ve read, but by the time they show it to you, it can’t possibly be funny enough to make you laugh that hard.

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I guess I tend to find them really easy with my main or any account that massively cheats (spoofs or uses radars) but very difficult with my alts as they usually cannot finish them during the corresponding events and then get stuck forever.

One of mine is currently stuck in several just because I started it when some of the events had already finished

  • Evolve a dratini (there are none)
  • Evolve a grimer
  • Fight the grunt boss (none at the moment)

On my alt/my partner’s account that I play, I always forget about the research, then one day I’ll randomly catch something that finishes a task and I’ll got through about 10 different research lines trying to move them on. But you’re right, if you’re not playing them daily, there’s a lot of roadblocks out there.

Evolve a Grimer is easily doable, you can get Alolan Grimer from „Make 2 excellent throws“ quests. Isn‘t toooo rare as far as I can tell.

Recency bias, but 120 ghosts has been mind numbing. Not hard just… long and useless. I don’t not require any extra shuppets and misdreaveous


But XL candy for Mega Banette! /sarcasm


IMO if you want to make longer research tasks without gating tasks like spin a Pokestop every day for a week, you need to make the harder tasks related to catching (Make 50 Great Throws, Make 10 Nice Throws in a row, etc) and the tasks for catching a specific type lower (Catch 10 Normal type, Catch 5 Dragon type, etc). If there’s an event boosting spawns of particular types, make sure there are non-event Research tasks from Pokestops available once the event is over that reward a Pokemon of that type.

These are the worst because the gotcha won’t do them!

I’d like tasks that require some PVE skill, for example

win a level 3 raid with pokemon under 1500CP
duo a legendary raid
solo a level 3 raid under xxx seconds
solo a level 3 raid with unique pokemon.

LET’S force some players to ditch these recommended teams!!!

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I’d be cool with that, a good mix of harder tasks like that and also what @carodavide suggests, but without the loopholes in the L40+ tasks. Even the most casual players will make the hard throw tasks eventually just by law of averages, especially now Legendaries are accessible to all via remote raiding, but at least it rewards skill rather than luck.

That is key for me too, it needs to be accessible throughout so whenever they get to it they can progress but not so a acessible it’s effectively a free gift.

I now need to evolve sunkerns in one account !!!

This will stay there at least until next summer when they may bring it back…

When complaining about tasks being hard to do one should only be talking about his own unique account, not about the baby from the baby from the baby account…

That some tasks are hard for your Xth account shouldn’t really matter… it is your Xth. account.

That some tasks are hard when you are a new player is true… but if you play for about a year you should have gotten the chance to do most of the task… summer will come back next year (or winter for our friends down under). If you are a new player you should not expect to do all tasks in one day/week/… some tasks will be harder be keep trying and you will get there

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All your examples are just there because you like to shortman raids… to players that like PvP better they seem undoable.

Your examples make me think some tasks that are requiered to reach level 50.

  • Win 30 Raids
  • Use 200 super effective Charge Attacks
  • Catch five Legendary Pokémon
  • Win 30 Raids using a team of all unique Pokemon species
  • Win a three-star Raid using only Pokemon with 1500 CP or less
  • Catch a Legendary Pokémon in your next 5 Legendary Pokémon encounters

your tasks perhaps are a bit more solo/duo/shortman but they are very similar (and hard for those that do not like to do that sort of tasks).

When making reasearch/quests and so on, they want to make sure that most of the players can do them not just the hardcore ones… no matter if you talk about PvE, PvP or even about collecting shinies.

I’d say raid based tasks are fair game, they’re arguably the most underrepresented in tasks outside the L40+ “research” and yet they have, I think, the most potential for variety and challenges. There’s essentially a PvP based one every season if you count getting the ETMs, plus “win X battles” are creeping in there more often. The “win X raids” tasks are meaningless, as you can just pile 20 deep into some remote raid with any old team and yay, you win!!!. GBL at least you’re matched to your level.

Niantic have even shown that there is some in-game acknowledgement of intuitive difficulty level when they made some of the rockets scale accordingly. Surely this could be worked into other areas so, say, “solo a T3” was doable by anyone, but with some thought as to your team?

I get that PvE is the poor relation now you can get your Legendaries and RC from PvP for free but for me, there could be some balance in there that keeps everyone happy, to some degree.

You could balance it by having “win 3/5” of a GBL set or “win RC or three encounters from GBL” perhaps?

I liked an earlier idea of having, say, 5 tasks but you only need to do 3 or 4 of them. That way, if you hate GBL you can raid more and vice-versa. I think what I’ve realised from this as well is that, having started as a social exploring game, more and more it’s turned to a battle online opponents blindly game. I know it won’t happen but some way to share online messages with your opponents or raid buddies would really improve that aspect again. There’s about 4 or 5 people on my friends list I’d really like to chat to, even just to say “thanks for not bailing every time there’s less than 15 people in a raid”.

Anyway, I digress, as ever, it appears there’s likely no way to please anyone and nor do niantic care beyond any massive backlash which has happened maybe 3 times in the history of the game.

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Totally with you there! The social aspect has become “who do you chat with on Discord/etc” instead of actually meeting people in-person at stuff. Ah the nostalgia…

That said, I really like PoGO PvP and think it was a necessary change, its just sad that it coincided so heavily with COVID and kinda killed the in-person aspects. :frowning_face:

To be honest most of the PVE tasks I proposed are not difficult, all you need to do is check the internet for counters rather than use the recommended team.

For example, you can duo a Rayquaza with a ream of lv35 eevee evolved into glaceon (no matter the IV). The cost is 150 eevee candy!! Even less if you play with somebody else who has a much optimised team of lv50 Mamoswines.

What I don’t get is why is it ok to wall elite TM behind a massive rank 20 wall that takes hours to complete and loads of stardust invested but it is not ok to evolve a few glaceon (for example) or spend 10 minutes choosing a battle party whenever a new raid rotation arrives.

In any case, what I mean is I would like more skill based tasks (ideally balanced between PVE and PVP) and less “grinding” tasks of the type of catch 20 gazillion ghosts, walk 20 megazzillion km or do 88 tetrazilllion catches using berries.