Worst stats ever

This isn’t a loading bug. Would it be abuse to battle with this things stats?

No. It’s not massively useful in the first place and a nundo doesn’t return good stat products anyway. However it’s got some value either as a trade (guaranteed stat increases) or a keepsake, given the rarity.

It’s certainly unique. Ironically, I got a Turtwig with all perfect stats on the same day. I named her Ms. Perfect.

How strange. Lol

She’s doing a lot better than the other.

Just a little trivia for you…

0% is the rarest IV you can get, and they can only be wild caught.

They are like most 100%, worthless but fun for bragging


I guess it’s a nice trophy after all. I’ll leave her next to my 666 Oddish.

Also I think my game is biased. It gives me perfect ground types and the one opposite type is the one that ends up useless. Ground OP. Lol (Not trying to brag, but rather proving a point here, sorry >.<)

Oh yeah I got 0 iv Pikachu once.

I mean, I have a perfect Swellow.