Worth a formal soul?

Hey all! I’ve got a quick question for all of you. I have two units from this most recent hall of forms which I believe to be competitors for my free forma soul. The problem is, I have no idea whether they are actually “good” in this context. So I turn to you, the community to help me out. With that, here are the two units:

Bad screenshot, last slots are D/R Near Save and Atk/Def Form

I had success using them together in hall of forms, but idk if they would be worth getting for other pve or pvp content. What is really making me hesitate is the fact I can’t transfer the skills to another unit (my B! Edelgard would love that Near Save). Also, I should mention I enjoy using armor units in general, and my main team revolves around the aforementioned Edelgard and Duo Idunn.

So, knowing all this, should I use my forma soul? Go for a more specific skill? Or just wait for different hall of forms unit?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Nino definitely not, some of the skills are very common like swap/iceberg… you still have a few days left to get a special like Ruptured sky or a Rally skill. Also the build is very mixed up between offense and defense. There are many ways of building Nino but I’ll throw you a couple of ideas:

Defensive Nino:

Offensive Nino:

Don’t worry about the seals as you won’t receive them once you forma the unit.

On the other hand Zephiel is much better, you need a better special and a fighter skill on the B Slot. Otherwise if you like the character go for it.

But remember, these units need max investment to shine so if you are not gonna +10 them maybe the better option would be Jaffar which is in the grail shop.

Good luck and let us know what you end up doing :slight_smile:


Zephiel is pretty good, but just like Nino he’s gonna be tough to grab merges for. That’s why this format event is tough: Jaffar is the only one who you can easily merge up (through grails) but he’s by far imo the most underwhelming choice.

Save skills are most effective on units with crazy high defenses, and Zephiel is the only one who meets that. Jaffar and Nino are fast, but fast armors are in low demand right now.

It’s up to you, but I wouldn’t spend a soul on either of them.

Basically formas are a chance to give a unit you like the skills you’d ideally want them to have, but are likely never to fodder to them due to scarcity or value.

Nino for example:
Flora guide (seasonal),
harsh command+ (rare),
ruptured sky (duh),
Atk/Spd ideal (unit specific),
daring fighter (seasonal and duo unit specific),
Atk/Spd Menace (Mythic unit specific)

This would be how I would’ve tried to roll her. Full of skills she’d never get normally, but wholly maximize her strengths. I know the chances of getting all of them would be tough, but that’s why I’d ensure she would get the first kill on every map.


Yeah, it seems like Zephiel would conflict with Duo Idunn as a red armor on your team. Both Zephiel and Nino would be tough to get merges for. Save skills are really good, and both of them are good users of their Save skills imo, but I think you’d be better off just pulling a couple of Save skills for your Idunn and Edelgard, and choosing a blue armor of your choice to complete the team. If you don’t want to merge/+10 them, I personally probably wouldn’t forma them. I’m probably going to get Jaffar, for reference, and then +10 him.