Worth Burning Apples for EXP during Hunting Quest?

Since the 40 AP Quests give you always 9 Gold Embers and some Materials, is it worth to Burn Apples for them?

Started out on January and got about 12 Servants (5 SSR 7Sr) to max level. Got a couple of SRs and 1-3 Star that i would like to Max level for their Bio/skins and Quartz/apples.

For xp only - no, better to wait for lottery, or at least half AP ember quests campaign. But hunting quests also good drop rates for materials: it is worth burning a couple of apples on this

Completely forgot about the half AP ember Quests.
Is there any in the near future?

Closest is during Anniversary in July

A side note, there is a double Great/Super suc rate rn too.

Also, for someone newer they might not have unlocked EoR for some of the farming locations (Gears) and it would be worth picking up at least a few of those mats for their servant skill levels or ascensions.


Are there generally no double Great/Super suc during half AP ember Quests?

Generally - no. But opposite is true: there is always half AP embers campaign during double\triple success up

Around 10 or So not much.
Try to finish the quests for quarts and qp atleast that’s what I’m doing.

“always” is kinda misleading. Anyway next anniv will have both campaign. You should check detail of each campaign then.



Hunting quests are absolutely a great thing to apple on. The summer events + anniversary will replenish your apple stock and you probably won’t be able to go too too hard on GilFest anyway just due to having a new account.

But be picky about what you farm. Bone day is a great day to farm. Snake jewels—ehh, not unless you really do need them (they’re also in the GilFest lotto). Wine isn’t commonly asked for and the gang drop rate is poor. But Scales are commonly asked for and stingers are needed in such high quantities that you’ll be thankful for when they do drop.

The gear quest is definitely worth appling for.


I’d been planning on farming fangs, sieg left me with ~30 (now ~60 from monthly tickets), but to find out their rates are worse…coupled with a nonexistent need for wine… Sigh.

More scales would be nice, but I already have a stockpile of needles with no one left to spend em on, probably won’t apple then either.

That’s it, we’ll just keep piling up the bones and skill up altera for kicks :fgo_insane:. Think I was up 150 bones last time I checked the macro…

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It’s more worth it for the mats than the exp, because you really can’t have enough mats. EXP you can get at any time but its still nice to have on these quests.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone doing the HQs for EXP more than the mats. :sweat_smile:

If you’re mainly after the EXP, the normal Ember farming node is better since it guarantees 7 gold Embers with a chance of getting 8 or 9 if you’re lucky. HQs aren’t really consistent as I’ve had runs where I only get 1 Ember, and some where I get 5 or 6. HQs are more for the mats anyway.

definitely bones and scales and gears are great.
I don’t think it is always not worth it to farm exp cards in HQ. For example if you need to quickly lvl up a few sabers (or you only have saber servants left to raise) then bone day is worth it. In my case I lvl 1->70 avicebron today just using saber exp cards :fgo_coffee:

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