Worth evolving it?

Hello there

I was wondering if this chansey will be useful with that stats. Hp really makes the difference ?

Sorry I meant stamina not HP

A difference of 9 points is going to make very little difference for Blissey whose Stamina is sky high anyway (best in the game in fact). I’d say it’s worthy enough to evolve, if you really need another gym defender.

Yeah. Looks like you’ve got a healthy amount of candy. I’d evolve, take it to level 20, budget gym defender/coin collector. You need a few mons like that for gym/raid/Rocket purposes, low maintenance ones you maybe wouldn’t invest in much but will fill a need and do the job. I have about 5 Dusknoirs whose job is just to drop in gyms and get my coins.

Pokegenie should be able to tell you how much HP it will have when all said and done. Just go into the “power up & evolution” tab and there is a dial that you can move it should give you options to view it evolved. Honestly I would evolve it. It will probably have around 10hp less than a perfect yet still hit as hard and resist the same as a perfect. Just make sure to tm moves to Zenheadbutt/Dazzling Gleam or Psychic.

Hi everyone,
I’m quite new to this game (2-month old noob baby), and all i really cared about when catching Pokémon was Shinies (in 2-3 Months i’ve gotten 30 Shinies so not bad), as well as getting as many pokémon that had near perfect or perfect IVs thinking that it would transition into them performing well into PVP. Oh and i’d only really keep pokémon (on top of if they had good IVs and CP) if they had a good PVP RATING. That’s all i really knew how to base performance off.
I only found out today how wrong i am about the IVs in CP capped leagues. i’m sorta sad that i transferred so many pokémon i seemed at shit because they had for example no attack. I’ve only learnt today that it’s somewhat ideal to have no attack or am i wrong?

One pokémon that has consistently survived my transferring frenzies is a shiny Swablu (cause with shinies i just collected them anyway). I always thought it was terrible because i wanted decent attack and it’s IVs were 2/15/15 (CP 180). My question is, does this mean this shiny has the potential for an Altaria that is amazing for Great League? Doesn’t bother me that it would cost a fortune of stardust or Candy, i have no hurry!
would love some feedback thanks, only now truly learning about what’s good in Great/Ultra League !

We’re going off-topic here, but I’ll answer.

Yeah, that’s going to be a good Altaria for Great League. Ranked 25th if I’m not mistaken.

Because of the way Attack influences the CP alot more than Defense or Stamina, it is usually preferable to find something with low attack so that the final stat product will be higher. There are some exceptions though, like when the max CP falls below the league threshold and you’ll want as good an IV as possible (Medicham is a classic example), or if the max CP is only a little bit above the threshold so you’ll need at least a moderate amount of Attack IVs to get close.

IVs are a little bit overrated though; good IVs doesn’t automatically equal a good mon, and that’s true in both PvE and PvP. The base stats, the moves, and the typings are all far more important factors. Altaria does make cut though in this regard, for PvP anyway.

Okay sweet!
I’m just happy to see that a useless but at least a pretty collectable is actually quite good.
A high end shiny Altaria does sound pretty nice to have in PVP.

thanks for taking the time out of your day!

Can be counter intuitive, I’ve been pretty pleased to get this one squared away with the two moves, but it is ranked 375 according to iv spread according to https://gostadium.club/pvp/iv
Your #25 is an excellent and extremely worthwhile project

Shiny Altaria is the -ahem- gold standard for shinies.