Worth inheriting Lethality to Flora?

I got a Volke purely for fodder reasons and was wondering if foddering his lethality to Flora is worth it? She needs Time’s Pulse anyways and already has sturdy impact. I already have plenty of NFU fodder as well.

The main thing here that worries me is that Flora will have trouble charging up Lethality after the first proc of it without ss since she doesn’t inherently have special acceleration on hit (though her prf has the -1) and she doesn’t really have the speed or attack to use blades.

Outside of Flora I don’t have many dagger users who would use it (Felicia is all else lol) though im tempted in trying it out on armor daggers that i have.

Flora’s current build:

  • Yo fodder that shit to Flora
  • no

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I wouldn’t do it. As you said, she isn’t going to have an easy time proccing it.

As for daggers that use it…you can just use Volke himself. He’s pretty stacked in general and designed for it, so he’s not a bad unit.


I don’t really care for him as a character so eh, rather give it to someone I’ll actually use, especially since flora sees use on my AR-D (not with this build lol).

I don’t know how hard it would be for her to constantly proc it with Special spiral but she kinda needs nfu and i already used wom on ar-d too.

Time’s pulse is also important here because its something I’ve been meaning to fodder to Flora anyways.


The only other current dagger units that can use Lethality somewhat easily are Yuri and Kaze. Lethality is tailor made for Volke, but both Yuri and Kaze have special cooldown count -1 and Kaze has a built in FB4. Flora… while she would like the potency of Lethality, it’s gonna be wonky without support


Honestly even if you don’t plan to use him I would still hold onto it, because I don’t think she can use it well so you’re better off just keeping the fodder.

Technically speaking Felicia can use it, as she has a +1 cooldown built into her weapon, but only against mages, and what mage is going to need Lethality to kill it? (Although with Felicia’s attack…)


Eh, Felicia uses Iceberg to kill mages in half a second anyways, adaptive damage with how lopsided defenses are on mages helps too.

Now if we’re talking another dagger unit who can accelerate specials…

not entirely serious lmao especially since I think our christmas TT daggers could do this better but


If Fates’ forma batch doesn’t have performing Azura, Ninja Hana or Bownoka but Halloween Kagero is there, I can see myself grabbing her with premium skills and make her +2. That or Bridal Tharja convincing me that she isn’t that bad with her refine and premium skills since I still think that the Awakening forma batch is somewhat bad.


Give her Times Pulse

Lethality is a 3 charge on her thanks to Slaying, on turns were its not charged it gets lowered to 2, and she has guaranteed Follow up against foes who can counter attack her, making her follow up Lethality unless the foe has Guard


Bravekeeper would most definitely be one of them since his bulk is fairly evened out making her Adaptive damage a lot weaker, I know theirs a few other like that also tho can’t think of too many besides say Bramimond. Then their’s random builds people make for units like my Ilyana who reaches 37 Def when fully buffed (technically 40 thanks to Lull Atk/Def) which would still be her lower stat for her but only by 10.


It’s good for scoring

But as a +10 Flora user she benefits more consistently off bonfire or ruptured if we are strictly talking AR. She doesn’t struggle to use lethality with time pulse or IP support but she can’t spam it like other specials and it’s not really stronger overall compared to bonfire with her giant defense stat

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From the looks of the poll, someone decided to play both sides lol

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