Worth it to burn a 2nd Vlad?

While trying to get Merlin I got my second 5* Vlad III and I was wondering if it would be better to Burn it for the 5 rare prisms than upgrade my Vlad to NP2. Thoughts and opinions?

This is just my personal opinion, but NP2 > rare prisms. Honestly, I don’t know why everyone’s in such a hurry to burn things. Having rare prisms is nice, but nothing in the shop is really that important compared to enhancing your Servants’ performance. And the difference in NP1 to NP2 is always notable.


In my opinion you shouldn’t burn a 5-star except if you absolutely need the rare prisms, though I couldn’t come up with a scenario like that. Also, as has been said before, the difference between NP1 and NP2 is the biggest out of NP upgrades, so… yeah. I vote for NP as well.

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I’d just do it to get a the final skill upgrade or the mystic codes.

I don’t know much, what changes when a servant goes from NP1 to NP2?

A 100 percent damage boost to their NP, and the unlocking of the second overcharge bar

@GalacticTNT @Demos_Mirak
It’s actually even more than 100% since he has a ST-NP. Here, on this site it’s visible what happens at different NP stages:

One: It’s a 33% dmg increase, bigger than 3->5, and why NP2 for favorites is so highly recommended; it’s a big boost.

Two: With the rerun of Altera the Sun(ta)'s Christmas event next year, we will literally start getting RP for free with dupe NP6+ welfares, and later Command Codes, and skins (cf. the Medb outfit from Summer 2).

Three: The only RP items worth buying are bond grails and Lores, both of which are not worth not NP2+ for an SSR.

Completely not worth it.

Great! Thanks for your advice! All of you!


The only good stuff in the RP shop right now are mystic code quests (Anniversary Blonde, basically), Mona Lisa, and lores.

The real good stuff won’t be heal for a while.

Don’t ever burn a 5* except schez.

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This will be echoing what others have said a bit, but I see no case where acquiring rare prisms will ever be worth it over access to an NP2.

NP1 -> NP2 generally brings about the most bang for your buck (as there is often diminishing returns on upgrades past this point). Even Servants that are considered bad will essentially get a strong buff by doing this.

At the earliest, you only need Rare Prisms to get access to the Da Vinci CEs. If you already have them, your need will diminish even further.

In other words, no. Whether you like Vlad or not, he’s still an SSR and will benefit greatly from this NP boost.

That was a joke. I did not burn her but still… that spook hurt my kokoro.

I figured. :p But I’m strongly anti-burn on gold Servants, and I feel particularly bad about Scheherazade mass burnings after Agartha.


As someone with a NP2 Vlad, defo keep it. I found NP1 to be a little disappointing but NP2 is a big improvement.

Not even mentioning how her upgrades will make her much more reasonable in the future.

Vlad needs the NP levels since the damage multiplier on his NP is weaker than other single target Arts NPs. Other single target Arts NPs range from 900% - 1500% and then upgrade to 1200% - 1800% after an NP strengthening. Vlad’s starts at 600% - 1000% and then upgrades to 900% - 1500% after his NP strengthening.

Another advantage of NP2 is unlocking the overcharge bar… meaning that you can build a bit of a buffer against NP-draining enemies. If they love to spam NP drains, you’ll never NP with NP1 unless you have batteries.

Never burn unless already np5
There will always be that ONE event you end up needing that servant you burned and regret it

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