Worth It?

I’ m not sure he is even worth all the orbs wasted, but which IV is better for Lif?? HP boon and a Def or Spd bane( bith are HP+)… also what about Eliwood?? I pulled an Atk boon with a Def bane or the exact reverse Def boon with an Atk bane? I also got Res boon with a Spd bane three times… Thanks for the help!

Just to recap
Hp+ Def - , Hp + Spd-

Atk+ Def-, Def+ Atk-, Res+ Spd- (x3)

Assuming it’s Legendary Eliwood

Well, Lif you can merge them together. Then only the boon matters.
If you don’t want to merge, go for the -spd one

For Eliwood it’s the +atk one that’s likely gonna be the best. I’d get him to +1 to get rid of the bane.
And keep one for fodder.


Yes it’s Legendary… I think Lif may have some skills worth foddering; so I don’t really want to merge… I never cared for Elliwood. Is he even worth 1+?? Thanjs for your feedback!

… in case you or anyone else was wandering, here is my other pulls:

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Worth it ?
Yes if you like the characters.

It depends if you want him to stay back.
If you merge, he’s got +1 spd and +1 hp (and +3 def), that’s not bad if you plan to use. Give him double brazen atk/spd and desp and make him an offensive unit.

It depends if you want to use him a lot.
If yes, it’s worth to merge if not, eh no.

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I’m a bit biased since I am a giant Eliwood fanboy. But he’s one of the best legendary units thx to his ability of his weapon + C skill.

I mostly recommend merging Eliwood because the banes do hurt and he hits like a truck even if build for support.
I suppose +atk -def is doable if you Really don’t wanna merge. But it’s worth it.

As for Líf, that’s easier.
He doesn’t need his spd that much if you use his weapon right. So -spd is usable.


+HP -Spd, fodder other

Merge all into +Atk (I think that’s what youre doing at least?)


Yeah, I don’t put a lot of effort in characters I don’t like, even if they are potentially good units. If there is something I don’t like about them I bench em… I don’t dislike Lif. He is intriguing enough. At the back of my mind I remember he’s just Alfonse from another world, and Alfonse is a pansy if you don’t invest a lot into him…


I’ve never played the other fire emblems, so I have no other references to him outside of this game… he never seemed to much better than anyone else, so I’ve always just avoided him… until the fame drops 5 in my lap… thanks for your advice.

To be fair, Legendary Eliwood is one of the best arena units in the game since he can easily buff up your hardest hitting unit to ludicrously high stats while the game treats him as having high BST for scoring purposes. If you can’t think of anyone you like playing with who would use Death Blow 4 (Leif and Reinhardt both would love the skill if you plan to make them into hyper offensive units) or Rally Spd/Res+, then I’d just do the +1 merge and turn the rest into manuals, then see if Eliwood is up your alley in the meantime. Also, wait to see if they make Legendary heroes available via Divine Codes.


Cool thanks. I appreciate the advice.

@SafCar pretty much explains his gameplay power.

For me it’s his character I like.
Of all the princelike lords he’s best written with good nuance. An slight optimist who stays mature and realistic. One who’s able to stay himself in spite of very harsh experienced.


Hmm I see
But I agree for the fact spd may can be useless for him. But more spd is not that bad if you want him to avoid some critical doubles.
But if you prefer an another unit and this unit needs Lif skills, just weigh up the pros and cons. :thinking:

Stills usable with Triple Brazen Atk/Def or Brash Desp :feh_genny_mug: