Worth rolling for Abby if you have MHXX?

So I’m thinking of rolling for Abby cos I think she’s super cute. Also, I’d like another Foreigner as (probably from my admittedly still fairly nooby viewpoint) event challenge quests seem to have lots of berserkers that I can’t DPS down fast enough before they bring the pain :sob:.

So… from a gameplay perspective alone, is it worth rolling for Abby if I have MHXX? I know MHXX has invincibility which Abby doesn’t have, and Abby has stupid-long cooldowns. Trying to bring more logic to the “she’s cute and she sings happy birthday to you, roll away!” mindset…

(This may still win, mind you. But trying to get a more balanced viewpoint.)

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Well Abby can do things that MHXX can’t but Abby isn’t so good, she is specially useful in a undevelop chaldea, but what is always more important is that you like the servant, that is the most important part


Gameplay wise there is basically no reason to roll for Abby.

This is coming from someone with a lvl 100 2k fou Abby btw


Only roll for Abby if you want her. You already have the best ST Foreigner! :fgo_mhx:


Foreigners are more of a luxury class to be honest. Every class has offensive advantage against zerkers, and mash and such are pretty effective at negative the defensive disadvantage. Though foreigners, like most extra classes, are neutral against all standard classes which can be useful in mixed nodes.

That said, always roll who you want to play with. I’m not a fan of abby (mostly historically), so I can’t speak for her gameplay, but if you really want to have her, it’s best to take advantage of her banne while it’s here.


This is Abigail’s last rate-up up through the current JP schedule. So if you want her at all, this is the time to get her.

Personally, I like Abigail’s character and (first Ascension) design, and all the Lovecraftian elements around her and Salem, so I’m really hoping to nab her myself. :fgo_pancakeslmao:


There is no gameplay reason to role for Abby. But if you want her this is your last chance.

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As everyone else has said, there’s really nothing that Abby can add when it comes to gameplay.

I understand feeling overwhelmed whenever you’re faced with a Berserker since I was in the same position last year, but once you learn how to deal with them, it’s not that bad.

You can usually nuke them out of existence the first turn, stack def until they barely hurt, or even use taunters like George and Leonidas to pull the damage away from your primary DPS.


I don’t think I’d necessarily agree with the notion that Foreigners have no gameplay value. Even the strongest Servants can’t always nuke the bosses in FGO, especially with the inclusion of break bars. And any drawn out fight with a Berserker can get dicey. No, you don’t need a Foreigner, but I think having one for Berserker bosses can be very valuable.


That’s my feeling as well. A foreigner can make a big difference in survival when they start landing crits.


Given her kit, she’s mostly a neutral specialist support, foreigner being a nice addition vs berserkers for a support especially, but not exactly the main point. At least that’s why I’m definitely trying to get her, even though I already have MHXX (~hybrid crit support)

I probably could have phrased my response better…
I get where you’re coming from, but on the other hand, it’s not worth dropping hundreds to thousands of SQ on a Foreigner unless you really like them.



I disagree, gameplay wasn’t the reason why i rolled for her obviously but i think she offers great potential for some CQs. Her NP alone has been incredibly useful multiple times.

Not a must have but she’s still a great support to have.


This is my obligatory reminder that Abby has that Waver quasi-substitute thing going for her with an incremental team battery and good card-agnostic steroids (albeit one of which is a debuff). She has occasional value in the odd comp where you don’t need much NP charge support but can leverage the NP Strength Up.

That being said, Abby has some serious issues as a main damage-dealer and isn’t any kind of amazing support even though she can do the job once in a while. I like my Abby, but her NP gain and her CDs make me cry.

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Having a 3A deck with a buster NP is also unfortunate for her, imo

I wouldn’t mind as much if she could actually generate NP a bit better, like Semiramis.

Unfortunately, just having a Buster NP is also a disadvantage.


Given the ‘remove buffs (first)’, I’d say her NP should happen first in an NP chain anyway, so colour shouldn’t matter too much (and buster would increase damage on the eventual 3rd position facecard). This NP is a ‘remove invincible and everything else’. I could see myself going multiple turns with her bar full.

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I think what they mean is that Abby is incapable of doing NP Buster Brave Chains, therefore missing out on Buster’s special thing.

To compare to Semiramis, who is likewise incapable of making these chains, it’s not a problem with her since her high NP gain 3x Arts deck compensates by enabling easy access to her NP. Abby, however, struggles to gain NP and cannot form Buster Brave Chains.

Just to emphasize, Abby’s NP gain is utter shit. DW was feeling awfully mean that day or something.


Yeah, but that still assumes ‘I’m trying to use her as a DPS’ and that’s not exactly my vibe here. Every damn DPS servant but zerks with a damaging NP is a potential zerk nuker. So, I’m pretty much ignoring that role completely for Abby here.
Given that I was 12-turning the big raid because of my low ATK bonus at the time, Abby would have been insane to just have around with royal icing. Those event CEs have no starting NP so, S1 would have shaved at least one turn, the NP drain would have been useful, def down as well. And I’d have clearly kept her NP to get rid of those crit buffs once they’d start to add up too much. And foreigner as a bonus would have soaked some damage.
I mean, we probably spend at least half our time running event CEs that restrict us in a similar way. It’s not some kind of rare optional usage. Since I go max bonus always, this is very much the kind of benefits I’m looking for. Hard content is so rare that I would probably argue it’s cheaper to just SQ revive as many times as you need than rolling for CQ-only servants =D

If you ask me, there are too many characters that are simply too perfect and we are holding Abby to unrealistic standards when it comes to team-building. But then, I’m one to think that the interesting part in it is to find ways to compensate each servant’s flaw with our available options. If there are no flaws, that aspect disappears completely.
[insert random personal rant about Skadi or Castoria here XD]


She’s not impossible to use and isn’t incapable of adding value; she’s an SSR Servant with some interesting capabilities, but her problems are rather significant and should be called out when someone asks about rolling for her.

I used Abby quite a bit as “better-than-nothing” support for her Event bonus this time around, and of course it was fine.

On the damage front, her long CDs matter because she isn’t good at fast play, and downtime is likely. I don’t think I’d use a 12-turn on the recent raid as a good example since it showcases how Abby can help stall out Berserker damage in a situation that no one really wants to be in. The ideal situation would have been to raise the damage bonus a bit higher, and Abby became a last resort rather than a go-to.

I really like Abby as a character, but she’s objectively kind of bad and needs help from DW to deliver on her potential.