Worth trying to get Leila here?

Hey all, I’ve been hoping for Leila to come back ever since I failed to get her with 360 orbs on her original banner. But I think the new mythic banner would just be setting me up for more disappointment if I tried for her now. I already have Eir (duh) and F!F! Corrin, so don’t need them.

Any thoughts of whether she might be re-run on a banner with better odds in the near-ish future? I feel like that’s happened before, where a character in the 5* pool appeared on a Legendary banner and then a regular banner not long after.


FF!Corrin is a great unit with 2 solid skills for fodder and Eir has Mystic Boost or can give you a few more points of Lift.
I’d say this is a pretty good time for it :feh_flaynfish:


If you really don’t need more Eir or Fallen F!Corrin, then I’d say hold off. Sniping a single character on a color for a Legendary Banner is the worst odds you can have in the game. Leila’s got good skills, I’m sure she’ll appear again on a banner eventually. Not to mention, they haven’t yet gotten to the Blazing Blade banner as a possibility for a revival with free summon pick. So if that even wins, you could get Leila guaranteed in 40 summons.

But Fallen F!Corrin is one of the better units out there, so merging her up is nice. And Eir as a mythic is great for score in AR. Or you can fodder them for their good, rare skills. So if you do decide you’re okay merging them, or foddering them, then this isn’t a bad time. You just want to really ensure there are at least two units you want on the color you’re summoning for on a Legendary/Mythic banner, or it’s never worth it.


Also having 2 eirs is actually really useful for tanking

Leila’s got too much good food not to be on a heroes w/banner. and they could spark the Dread Isles banner - so if you really want to try (I am always team try). spend like 50/100 orbs for it. but only if you’re happy getting an Eir or a Corrin. (or you know. a Tiki or something if you didn’t get colourless and got broken).

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You could argue that Fallen Lyon is too good to be on a “Heroes With” banner, thanks to Null C-Disrupt and Bonus Doubler being amazing, yet here he is. I think Leila could easily be included on that kind of banner too. They haven’t seemed opposed to giving really strong skills out on those banners recently.

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… I know. But i never said she was too good to be on a Heroes with Banner. - i said she’s got too much good food NOT to be on one. Meaning she’ll probably have a few options.
Rally Skills
Ruse Skills
Life and Death.
Smoke Skills.
AND the Respark banner (should it win)

that’s a lot of chances to get at Leila, they just have to show up. that’s why i said if they wanted to try, i’d go for it


…I completely misread what you said, my bad.

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No worries. (LOL i had to double check there). it’s summer. it makes us dumb.
(actually. a unit i’m surprised who hasn’t had any kind of Banner - is Female Byleth. where she be, game?)


That’s a really good question, actually. I’m surprised she hasn’t shown up now too. Maybe on whatever banner has Sothis on it? Though that might be a Hero Fest, and I don’t think they do color splits, so unlikely.

Yeah in the year that she’s been out -
there have been a few times where she could have been a unit. and nothing. and Male Byleth has had a few banners including a tempest trial. (Now that we have Fury 4 on Female Kris. we could have a Heroes w/Fury (but we don’t really have a greeen unit that applies either - that’s not a seasonal). - oh i lie. she did have a Legendary banner appearance. but that’s about it.

it’s pretty hard to +10 a unit when she never pity breaks you and never has banners.


BTW, we were told that Sothis would be returning in early August, but do we know for sure that even means a banner? Maybe they just meant Sothis would take over for Feh, like she did around Christmas.

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I mean, considering that their statement of “returning” has always meant “on a banner,” I think it’s safe to assume. Though frankly it could be both. And I don’t know this for sure, but I do think we’ve had a mythic on a Hero Fest before, so that seems most likely. We’ll find out soon though, it’s almost time for august reveals.

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I don’t think you should. There is a high chance you will get pitty broken by those other two.
A skill banner would give you better chances but i don’t remember if Leyla has the skills they tend to make banners for.

This would be sad for anyone wating to summon her xD

I guess it’s an exception, but Eir was on a Hero Fest when she was introduced. If Sothis isn’t on a hero fest, it might be some sort of 3H anniversary banner. We won’t know for sure until the FEH channel (whenever that happens).


I only summon on 8% banners if I want at least 2 of the units on that color

Eir and Corrin are both fantastic. So I think it’s worth it. I’ll be trying for Leila myself too

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If you don’t mind getting them again for fodder, then I’d suggest pulling. If you don’t want them, even as fodder, them I’d suggest waiting. Personally, I’m going to be pulling green for obvious reasons, but I will try my luck with colorless too because I could get some decent fodder or a Leila.

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I say yeah. Eir is always good, if you don’t mind FF!Corrin this is a good banner. I’m going for her now so :feh_lucyshrug:

Lilith owners might want to get her. A potential free 4 move escape after combat is super good for her, and she really just needs Disarm Trap to make strides in AR

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