Worth Y/N?

Got pity ■■■■■■ by Mareeta but I might have trouble killing her.

My current Charlotte wears Lull Spd/Def, and I was wondering if it’s worth killing Mareeta if my Charlotte is already pretty good as she is. I like Lullz because it gives her essentially +3 extra Atk & Spd, and my current one is more Atk/Def oriented, while this one would be a bit more Spd-oriented with slightly less Atk.

I just wonder if it’ll make her that much tankier. She already reaches 50 Spd on her own with the build above, and it’s not like buffs can’t get her to mid 50s.



I’d say, no, it’s not worth it unless you significantly change the build.

Charlotte’s hitting 60+ Def with this build; nothing is going to touch her on the physical side except for Brave Alm and L-Alm who flip the bird at Def stats with their true damage skills (possibly Duo Alm as well… What is it with Alm just not caring about Def?), and even then, a good whaled L-Alm with proper skills (hey, this Charlotte is whaled and fully stacked so it’s only fair to pit her against a similarly stacked foe) is still fast enough to completely mitigate the Close Call damage reduction. And she can’t counter mages without some sort of DC so Close Call would only come into use against dragons unless you use her to draw out out a ranged magical target.


I agree with No, now maybe when Swift Stance 3 becomes a thing that way she can bait mages better, but for now, no.

naw this Big Bride is F2P :D

Ironic, I know.

yeah ■■■■ Alm

I say “whaled” in that it’s still a very high Orb cost; even if you didn’t pay for them.

My +10 L-Tiki is also 100% FTP but cost a whale’s worth of Orbs. =P

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So basically, at the end of the day, it’s as if it won’t really make a difference she’s pretty good as she is next to what it actually costs (a really good premium skill)?

Yesterday at GC there was this dumb buffed Hector with 72 Atk and she took like 12 Dmg from it. If she nerfed that Dmg by 40%, she would have put it down to the single digits. : D (though it’s only -4 Dmg when she wasn’t at any risk in the first place…)

That’s a pretty extreme case, but yes, it is very rare that she’ll be taking enough damage for Close Call to even matter unless you throw her against a mage or dragon. Not worth it when the skill is so rare.